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#353306 Not Everything In The Va Is Bad. Got A House

Posted by ArNG11 on 05 November 2014 - 08:14 PM

I can't really say that I have had a large number of victories with my fight with the VA.  However, I have to give credit when credit is due.  Even though I am fighting the VA on the bogus ratings and denials I received, my mighty enemy had made a possibility come true.  On Veteran's Day, this disabled vet will close on his first home purchase using a VA Home Loan.  It does make me happy and sad, but mostly happy and elated for this to be a reality.  It's bitter sweet, but I have to give the VA its kudos.  VA home loans is a great benefit.

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#352187 Suscess Story

Posted by Hollis on 24 October 2014 - 12:00 PM

man the last 3 months have be rough, however, today I got the BIG BROWN ENVELOPE in the mail. I am now rated 100%. man this has been a long hard up hill battle. I like to thank each an everyone on here who has given me courage and hope, thank you very much.

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#334201 Fdc Complete Woohoo 100%

Posted by Navy04 on 23 April 2014 - 09:23 AM

UPDATE 4/23!       WooHoo WooHoo WooHoo   100%   100%  100%



Thank you all so much on here, this whole process has been such a struggle over the last 7 months. In the last month God has been good to my family and I. Starting next month I will receive my 100% VA, SSDI, and my wife will be paid 2K a month to be my caretaker. I am so grateful to guys on here like USDART, 63Sierra, NavyWife, Carlie and Berta. God Bless each and every one of you. I am so emotional right now, and I feel like I am floating in the clouds. Thank you guys again and I hope that each and every one of you will post a Success Story on here very soon. Love Ya

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#353497 This Vets Day (Nov. 11) Free Stuff

Posted by broncovet on 07 November 2014 - 08:41 AM

There are many more than "just" Golden Corral.  At my Golden Corral, the Vets day line was so long, I gave up.  Try some of these, instead:




You have to scroll down there are so many:  Some Examples of free stuff for Vets on Vets day:

Great Clips, free haircut

Free meals (or discounts)  from Bob Evans,Tony Roma Pizza, Olive Garden, Red Robin, Red Lobster, Shoney's, Denny's, Outback, Chili's, Lone Star, Max and Erma's, Krispy Kreme, Applebees.  See the link for details.  


10% off at Food Lion

11% off at Dollar General

20% off Bed Bath and Beyond to include spouses

Free admission to Jamestown, Knotts Berry Farm, National Parks, Williamsburg, 


And more:  Go to link above.  

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#348342 100% P&t Today...

Posted by jdman on 13 September 2014 - 04:05 PM

Checked E-Benefits this morning and found out that my claim was closed and I was awarded 100% P&T. Went from 90 to 100%. So relieved now!!!

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#321926 What To Do If Currently Employed And Not Doing Well At Work?

Posted by john999 on 27 November 2013 - 01:52 PM



            The VA knows a 65 Vietnam vet is probably so sick when he gets 100% he will be dead in a few years.  The 65 year old RVN vet went 30 years with nothing but abuse and neglect and then when he is half dead gets 100%.  We RVN vets were 21 years old once, and felt just like you do about WWII vets who ruled the VSO's and ran the VA.  I remember one WWII vet telling me we RVN vets were cry babies.  Nobody ever told us we were the guys with white hats.  We were the official psychos and misfits for the media to feast on, so if we get benefits today we earned them.  I don't get my benefits any faster than younger vets to tell the truth. Case in point I have been waiting almost 8 years for one claim.



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#357585 The Sec Bob Mcdonald Really Cares About Veterans!

Posted by Dinnard on Yesterday, 09:03 PM

I emailed Sec. McDonald the 2nd week in October and sent updated info and Motion to Advance to BVA Oct. 17th.  Today I spoke with BVA attorney after I saw our appeal was pending dispatch, he said we won our appeal and that it was P&T.  He said we should have our copy of the decision by the first of next week.  Will post in Success Stories once I have it in hand.

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#357385 Clemons V Shinseki

Posted by Berta on 15 December 2014 - 08:50 AM

I mentioned Clemons V Shinseki this AM to kate7772 and it is a good reference for anyone on appeal in a similar situation.

Vets often claim PTSD but the fact is they might have a different and service connectable disorder.

They can lock themselves in to a lay diagnosis of their own that VA, under the new 2010 PTSD regs, might not agree with.

But Clemons might well help them on appeal (or even on a reconsideration) of any PTSD denial,based on a diagnosis other than PTSD.

This is a brief run down on Clemons V. Shinseki by the MOPH:

http://www.purplehea...dout, NVLSP.pdf

But ASKNOD's rundown is better:


More on this case is here:
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#355360 Typical Iris Response To Questions

Posted by rootbeer22 on 24 November 2014 - 10:07 AM


As I read posts like these, it's really unfortunate that the system is so overwhelmed that significant mistakes are being made everyday which cause significant emotional pain and hardship for Vets. I've come to the conclusion that if a Vet's Disability Claim veers anywhere from the normal course of processig that it will take huge efforts to get it back on track. I now trully believe that it's all about the "luck of the draw" and who is working your claims at VBA and their workload/skill levels. Seeing a NOD that's being listed at over a year later (and no one saw it was wrong) than it should be is really disheartening and I'm sorry that Vets are going thru this. That said, I've learned from this Hadit.com board that you have to just keep working it and not give or let up - otherwise you lose momentum. From what I'm seeing, the people who win....just keep persevering and I think we are lucky to have some many Vets that are providing advice with this forum..good luck...
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#354856 Va Choice Cards

Posted by john999 on 19 November 2014 - 05:18 PM

 I see many things to fight about.  Why are only post 9/11 caregivers compensated.  Are we Vietnam Era vets and First Gulf War vets crap on the VA's shoe?  All vets should have choice about where they get care. I am sick to death of driving 25 miles to see some yoyo about PT.  I only get to see my shrink once every ten weeks.  I get no actual therapy just drugs.  This is not psychiatric care on any acceptable level. Both dental and vision care I only got once every two years, so I was outsourced for at least the dental. I got an exam, but that is it so far.  Soon I will have to drive to the VA 4 times a year just to get pain meds.  I met some idiot old guy who had brain surgery at the VA.  Who in their right mind would have brain surgery at the VA?  This guy had insurance, and since he did not want to pay anything he let those ghouls operate on his tiny brain.

The VA should do a study  on the sex lives of vets since they have been &^%$##$ them for decades.




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#354412 Why Does Our Spouse Get Superior Care?

Posted by georgiapapa on 14 November 2014 - 07:14 PM

I agree there are some good healthcare providers working for the VAMC and there are some in private healthcare who are substandard.
If a veteran has a choice between VAMC or private healthcare they should go where they think they will receive the best care in a timely manner. I realize some veterans have limited choices and have to use whatever is available and affordable.

I feel fortunate that I have a choice between using the VAMC or using private healthcare. I would just like to see all veterans have the same choice. As I stated, there are substandard employees at the VAMC and at private healthcare providers. However, the advantage with private healthcare providers is you have a lot more choices and it is easy to change from one healthcare provider to another if you are not happy with the care you are receiving. You also have more specialists available, more hospitals available, more labs and diagnostic services available, more primary care doctors available, more mental healthcare specialists available, more specialty clinics (Heart, Cancer, Ortho, etc.) available. I think you get the picture. I also have no problem getting appointments with my primary care doctor or any of my specialists. I don't have to get approval from my primary care doctor to see a specialist. I also don't have to wait for several months to see a specialist like I did at my VAMC.

Give veterans a choice between having Champva so they can use private healthcare or keep using their VAMC is all I am advocating. I believe veterans deserve and have earned the right to receive the best healthcare available. JMO
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#354346 Va Did Me Right! May 2013 To November 2014

Posted by Navy4life on 14 November 2014 - 08:41 AM

I am fairly new to this site but wanted to share my success story with everyone.  Don't ever give up on what you feel you are entitled too.  I got out of the military in 1996 without ever having a separation physical.  I gave birth to my daughter and went on maternity leave and then honorably discharged.  I went on with my life never knowing I should have been reviewed for service connection on contentions.  FAST FORWARD to May 2013....I was sitting around the house with my boyfriend of almost one year at that time and a friend - both of whom are prior military themselves and both of whom were service connected for their disabilities.  We started talking about my military career and how I broke my ankle/sprained my other ankle, had an eating disorder in the military and still do, etc....They urged me to go see a DAV rep and start a claim. So the next week I made a copy of my SMR - YES I actually kept an entire copy of my SMR....Little did I know it would be of vital importance for my claims....


On May 10, 2013 I walked into the DAV office and started my claim journey........Never thinking I would get S/C for anything....The DAV rep filed over 17 contentions on my behalf....Now some I felt were not going to hold water but he said "let's just submit and let the VA decide" - he was always there for me - when I would call and he was not there he would return my phone calls.  I was also my own best ADVOCATE!!!  I made sure I got everything needed for my claims.


I had numerous C&P Exams in July 2013 and then I sat dormant for many many months....FAST FORWARD to June 2014 I received partial S/C 40%, along with back pay :)   and then back to Gathering of Evidence I went.  I was also at this time seeking MH help for my Eating Disorder - while doing so I disclosed my MST and that got the ball rolling for amending my claim to add PTSD (Secondary to Personal Assault)....


July 2014 I received a call from a lady at the RO office - she was a Women's Coordinator she called to help me amend my claim and get all the documents filled out and uploaded onto Ebennies along with any evidence to support the claim.  She provided a direct number for me to call her anytime for updates, questions, concerns....I was thrilled to have her helping me and I felt like she was my guardian angel  :biggrin:


Around October I went from GOE to PFD and I had still not had my C&P for MH.  I called my contact and she got an email to the rater letting them know.  Two days later back to GOE and a C&P Exam was ordered.  Oct. 9th I had my C&P Exam.....


Nov 2014 - I went from GOE - PFD - PDA - PFN all within about a two week time frame....


Today I saw I am officially increased to 60% S/C and that it closed on 11/4/14 - I just downloaded my letter and I couldn't be anymore happier!!!!  I called my contact and she was able to see that the retro has been authorized and should be a matter of days before I see it!!!!!  


So my story is of one that is of a SUCCESS - I did not go through any major denials that will warrant appeals but I am going to review my BBE when it comes and if there is something I feel should have been rated I will appeal.....


For now I am content on this entire process and I am very happy with the VA and how they managed my claim and the fact that all the "i'" and "t" were dotted....


To all of you waiting - I wish you much success on your claims!!!

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#353403 "bob" And Smc Complaint/award

Posted by Stretch on 06 November 2014 - 01:09 PM

I emailed Bob but did not get an imediate response.  I rewrote and asked why no response.  She wrote back saying it has only been four days between first response and will call.  I appologized to her about my anxious behavior.  I was awarded SMC-S that day.  Already got the mail.  Shoot, I got the SMC before the email or call.  I had to get this straight.  i am pretty much bed ridden.  House bound is just a given.


She called and took down all my contentions including SMS-S retro VA failed to pay for 6 months, Cue on back and failure to provide me with the medical attention to cervical neuro radiologist I requested.  She said she will work on all contentions and get back to me in two days.  I don't really want to tell her about the 1151s that I have yet.  Guess i will call dorley for help with these.


Did the VA accidentally stumble on someone that Cares about Veterans, WTF?  After claims that go back to 1975 I have the right to ask this question.


I was awarded 100 percent, in 2007, and this took 40 years.  I am grateful for what has been done in claims with a few contentions.


All the hard work I have done is the result of Hadit.  Hadit, Carlie, Berta, Tbird, Jbasser, jerrel, Michael Harris, FlaViking, Dr. Bash, John 999, PR and many more including some that are gone, have been inspirational to my survival.  You win, and we all win.


Jeez I fogot Pete53, who is a hadit work horse.  Thank you Pete53 for your continuous efforts and hard work in and keeping hadit alive.  There are so many here at hadit that help.  I just had stroke number six a few days ago and I am about a half wit.  No worry, it just takes twice as long to do anything, least I am still alive.  My typing is all fxxxed Up. Fingers don't work right.

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#352136 Experiences With Request For Reconsideration @ Varo Level

Posted by asknod on 23 October 2014 - 09:37 PM

Here's more enlightenment for Gastone about the "reconsideration" conundrum versus a submission of NM&E after the initial denial. I have asked for but never received a new, brief look at a denied claim in 25 years. Some law dogs refer to it as an administrative review and that exists to a degree. It requires a water carrier at the VARO who is smart enough to explain it to a dense GS-9 VSR, too.


You can file NM&E again and again and receive numerous SOCs and SSOCs following a denial until you run the risk of a) running out of NM&E or b) having to file the NOD within one year from initial denial. Your authority is 38 CFR 3.156(b).




 chocks free

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#350275 I Called Bob

Posted by asknod on 03 October 2014 - 07:30 PM

Hey, Vets. This works great. I called Bob on Wednesday. Thursday morning the BVA gomer calls to find out whazzup. Then today the DRO calls up to say they are doing my DRO (which I didn't ask for) on my NOD of my CUE denial for a rating reduction. VA Seattle is 545 days out on DRO reviews. I submitted the NOD on 4/30/2014.   The DRO asked me what I wanted. 100% from 1994 and SMC S. 



onward thru the fog. Vote for Bob.

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#349356 Inside Info From A Dro

Posted by Notorious Kelly on 25 September 2014 - 02:46 PM

Interesting summary of appeals process and opinions from a DRO:


"I have been a Decision Review Officer (DRO) at the Milwaukee VA Regional Office (VARO) since October 2002.  I have worked at the VARO since November 1997.  The following are my thoughts and concerns about the appeals process within the Veterans’ Disability Claims process.."





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#322743 Dismissing Every One Around Me

Posted by aggie54 on 07 December 2013 - 07:07 PM

Maset, Sorry to hear that you are having so many health problems along with family issues. One thing for sure is that I know you are a survivor, and I know with the faith you have, is all that's needed to get through these difficult times.


I've been there before my friend. I was injured while in the Military where I lost my left eye sight, plus so many other medical problems, after being in the Military well over 25 years I felt that my life was over and coming to an end, 


but, with the help of my wife, and me finding help from doctors all over, I knew that my life would change for the better. Well after struggling for over 3 years I found that my problems were only temporary, and thank God and many prayers 


later my life did change, of course I went to the VA and attended group counseling which was hard for me, because the other veterans had different issues, and a lot were just clowns, and I couldn't handle it, so I stop going. Shortly after I 


enrolled in college and began to meet new friends that didn't know my military pass. Now, I been there going on three years, of course I still take all my medications, but I found a way to deal with my issues, and I didn't make it 



obvious to my new friends that I suffered from my pass military issues. maset, all I can say buddy is this, if you feel that the VA is not helping you or you just don't feel comfortable with them, go out and seek another health provider and get 


the help you need. Remember this my friend, there were times while in the military when we had to make decisions without any other involved because we felt that it was our choice to make, so make it my friend, and do it for you, not


anyone else. Feel free to get back to many with any other questions you may have, and may the lord bless you with the health and peace of mind that you deserve. Thank you for your service to our beloved country.

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#357213 Ibs Presumptive Nod.

Posted by asknod on 12 December 2014 - 09:38 PM

What is missing here is a statement from your doctor stating that it is more likely than less likely that the current IBS you suffer is the same disease process you were seen for while in service. I.E. the "gastroenteritis " was merely the beginning onset of your IBS. He then needs to cogently reason why he believes this. Any evidence of continuity of symptomatology is further proof of chronicity of the original tummy ache. Once you have this, you can win. I have told Vets a million times that DBQs do not have a box for the doctor to write the nexus in so they don't. VA receives it and promptly adds theirs in there for you. Mighty thoughtful of them to do so and also mighty funny how they all say "not service connected" . When you get your own doctor to say it, magic things happen. When magic things happen, you win. When you win you have money to get cable TV.  No mystery here, Phil.

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#357174 The Eagle Has Landed "part 2"

Posted by aggie54 on 12 December 2014 - 04:53 PM

Well Ladies, and Gentleman. The VA has finally finished my claim. Last thing that was lingering around was my dependency claim which was being backdated to 2013 win I was awarded 100%, when in fact it should have been Sept 1,2010 when I retired. 

Ater a brief email to the Sec of the VA which I sent out about 3 weeks ago sparked a fire in someone's seat, and my claim was decided, and backdated to 2010.

I really appreciate everything you guys did for me in guiding me to success.

I am done with the VA now.

Thank you so much Navywife for suggesting I email McDonald.

Thank you Jesus, and Thank you guys.God Bless.


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#357101 Va Pay And Bankruptcy -- Negotiating With Creditors And Exemption

Posted by NavyWife on 11 December 2014 - 09:01 PM

Yah, JR is right. Your late payments on your credit cards will still show up for 7 years. And even after you negotiate with them, they will list it as a "charge off", which ruins your credit and stays for 7 years.

In most cases, it is best to file chapter 7 bankruptcy and get everything discharged completely. Within 2 years after the bankruptcy, you can have A rated credit again. Just get a secured card or one card and use it to buy gas every month, and pay it off in full every month. Capital One has a secured card available. Setup auto pay so you don't have to even think about it.

A good rule of thumb is if all your credit card debts equal your annual income then you should file Ch. 7

Save your money for a bankruptcy lawyer. They charge 1,000 to 2,000.
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