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#322743 Dismissing Every One Around Me

Posted by aggie54 on 07 December 2013 - 07:07 PM

Maset, Sorry to hear that you are having so many health problems along with family issues. One thing for sure is that I know you are a survivor, and I know with the faith you have, is all that's needed to get through these difficult times.


I've been there before my friend. I was injured while in the Military where I lost my left eye sight, plus so many other medical problems, after being in the Military well over 25 years I felt that my life was over and coming to an end, 


but, with the help of my wife, and me finding help from doctors all over, I knew that my life would change for the better. Well after struggling for over 3 years I found that my problems were only temporary, and thank God and many prayers 


later my life did change, of course I went to the VA and attended group counseling which was hard for me, because the other veterans had different issues, and a lot were just clowns, and I couldn't handle it, so I stop going. Shortly after I 


enrolled in college and began to meet new friends that didn't know my military pass. Now, I been there going on three years, of course I still take all my medications, but I found a way to deal with my issues, and I didn't make it 



obvious to my new friends that I suffered from my pass military issues. maset, all I can say buddy is this, if you feel that the VA is not helping you or you just don't feel comfortable with them, go out and seek another health provider and get 


the help you need. Remember this my friend, there were times while in the military when we had to make decisions without any other involved because we felt that it was our choice to make, so make it my friend, and do it for you, not


anyone else. Feel free to get back to many with any other questions you may have, and may the lord bless you with the health and peace of mind that you deserve. Thank you for your service to our beloved country.

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#321926 What To Do If Currently Employed And Not Doing Well At Work?

Posted by john999 on 27 November 2013 - 01:52 PM



            The VA knows a 65 Vietnam vet is probably so sick when he gets 100% he will be dead in a few years.  The 65 year old RVN vet went 30 years with nothing but abuse and neglect and then when he is half dead gets 100%.  We RVN vets were 21 years old once, and felt just like you do about WWII vets who ruled the VSO's and ran the VA.  I remember one WWII vet telling me we RVN vets were cry babies.  Nobody ever told us we were the guys with white hats.  We were the official psychos and misfits for the media to feast on, so if we get benefits today we earned them.  I don't get my benefits any faster than younger vets to tell the truth. Case in point I have been waiting almost 8 years for one claim.



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#332908 Cant Believe It!

Posted by WaStvet on 04 April 2014 - 05:14 PM

Okay I just want to start out by sayig thanks to the few people who had input when I started in thia site which has barely been since late February. I started my claim in May last year and ebennefits said it wasnt started til June but whatever. Anyway I didn't know about ebennefits until I hear about it in this site.. curious as to wjere my claim was I made an account. So in February I saw my claim in Gathering Evidence-phase.. not a shocker I was told could take years.. so then after my C&P for bilateral hearing loss and ptsd in February and after sending in personal stressor stories. I found out my claim was at (evidence under review) then mid march after checking almost every three days I saw it move to prep for decision. Then yesterday I looked and couldn't believe it had jumped again to pending decision approval. So today like an hour ago I looked again (could it be my lucky day I thoight to myself. .) And you wpnt believe it but my claim was complete. 60%. Expecting the BBE (mythical big brown envelope I always read about) hopefully next week! Goodluck everyone.

One more thing.. Office was in Seattle in case anyone was wondering. Have a great weekend super excited vet here 3X iraq tour + combat tested.
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#331386 Big Brown Envelope

Posted by usdart on 14 March 2014 - 06:33 PM

Just got my envelope.


100% PTSD

30% Sinusitis

0% Hearing loss (previously denied) Due to my MOS as Heavy Vehicle Mechanic

10% Tinitus


I read someone stating to get 100% PTSD you have to be nearly a basket case.


call me Mr Case!


It looks like the 'Buddie Statements' carried most of the weight. They went so far as to mention the names of the folks who wrote on my behalf. That and the proof of Combat in the form of After Action Reports and newspaper articles did the trick.


I could not have done this on my own..thanks to everyone here for having my back. You can aleays count on a fellow soldier when you need someone.

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#330983 Unbelievable!

Posted by usdart on 10 March 2014 - 05:11 PM

Include the information in this row You have one or more service-connected disabilities: Yes Include the information in this row Your combined service-connected evaluation is: 100% Include the information in this row and the one below it Your current monthly award amount is: $2858.24   The effective date of the last change to your current award was: December 01, 2013 Include the information in this row You are considered to be totally and permanently disabled due to your service-connected disabilities: Yes

If this is not success, I don't know what is!


Thanks to everyone here, I could NOT have done it alone. I had NO VSO and went by the recomendations on this site by people who know!


Thanks, Thanks Thanks..

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#323602 Maybe This Is Thier Problem

Posted by 63SIERRA on 18 December 2013 - 06:17 PM

Local news in central texas reported tonight that 21 out of 26 federal VA buildings in WACO tested positive for Legionares disease. I looked up the symptoms and tired and confused is common.


Patients with Legionnaires' disease usually have fever, chills, and a cough, which may be dry or may produce sputum. Some patients also have muscle aches, headache, tiredness, loss of appetite, loss of coordination (ataxia), and occasionally diarrhea and vomiting. Confusion and impaired cognition may also occur,[


They cant decide claims correctly, because they are, tired , confused. and have the shidz all day/

Maybe I can get a reopen based on the fact that THEY are sick,, lol

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#332830 Keeping Fingers Crossed

Posted by bobz on 03 April 2014 - 03:31 PM

Well just went into ebennies to have a look and it shows both as completed. Naturally being the curious type I went to download VA letters and lo and behold it said

"You are being paid at 100 percent rate because you are unemployable due to your service-connected disabilities: Yes

You are considered to be totally and permanently disabled due to your service connected disabilities: Yes"



Now just to wait and see the big envelope arrive!!!!!!!!

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#332603 Is This A Fair Denial?

Posted by asknod on 30 March 2014 - 06:21 PM

You will learn that one of the most potent forms of denial is ignoring evidence legitimately submitted that is in the c-file. If VA wins this first round and you toss in the towel, for all intents and purposes they won because they were right. When appealed, the BVA often just rubber stamps it unless its an Acting Law Judge who wants to get it anally perfect. You can get a win there under that limited circumstance every time. Some have been there so long like Mark Hinden that they simply use what the RO used and duplicate. When you get to the CAVC and the charade is over, the OGC quickly beg for a joint remand to "correct" their error. This is SOP and a  VBA means test to discover your resolve to pursue it. The more money on the table, the greater the chance this will be the case. They fought Leroy Macklem up to the Fed. Circus and still wanted another shot at redoing the denial a fourth time after his three wins. That was for 100% CUE back to 1950. Great case.


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#331490 C&p Examiner Dies

Posted by lotzaspotz on 16 March 2014 - 10:59 AM

Not to sound cold, but here's the business end of that situation. If you feel the examination didn't meet the requirements of what is considered adequate, and there's plenty of discussion here on just what "adequate" means, then challenge it on those grounds. The RO can't go back to the examiner for clarification, so there's the chance you'll be able to get a new exam.

Of course, if the exam met the criteria and you see no flaws, you can let it stand.

The truth is that the longer our appeals linger in the system, the odds increase that people who provided evidence both for and against our claims will pass away. That's happened to us in the last 20 years, so you are not alone in this experience.
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#331480 Finally Won!

Posted by jeeperrs on 16 March 2014 - 07:38 AM

I finally received my SSOC from the AMC last night.  The AMC approved my appeal for increase from 10% to 30% for supraventricular tachycardia (the highest rating for that issue).  I have been fighting this since I left the Army in 2003.  The effective date of the award is from Sep 2009, which I will still appeal.  However, it is refreshing to have the percentage corrected and the argument of "how many times a year" finished.  For details about the post and timeline, go to:




Now I will have to find a new hobby instead of researching appeals and timelines.  :)



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#331012 Attempting To Start A Business. Tdiu Procedure?

Posted by JR Reihs on 10 March 2014 - 08:57 PM

You might want to think about going through Voc Rehab or IL before you start this venture.  I went down the Ticket to work road as I to was not ready to throw in the towel....My VA was pending at the time and I was facing another surgey...My VA came through P&T, and they followed the Ticket to work program in backpay, so I lost nothing.


No one here is going to tell you what you want to hear.....we have fought to hard to get our claims resolved. You know the pitfall of how this all works, you also know of the economic perils that this country is in, and the hurt many millions have found themselves in due to the job market.  Knowing what I know now, I would have never took the risk I did..It was a futile attemped to discredit what I already knew.


I say good luck to you if you take this path..........You could just as well pick up a hobby that you could do with your kids and make good lil entrepreneurs out of them to show them hard work and risk nothing

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#330989 Unbelievable!

Posted by usdart on 10 March 2014 - 05:27 PM

I am still floored. Back pay is 34,000 and I am soooo blessed...

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#330968 Claim Successful!

Posted by eagle1012004 on 10 March 2014 - 03:32 PM

Just got the word from my rep:

Awarded 70% ptsd

Awarded 10% tinnittus

Already 30% IHD

Total SC..80%

Filed claim on 24 October 2013

C&P on 18 February 2014


Now I will wait for brown envelope, retro pay, and then work on IU or TDIU or see if I can 100% scheduler.

Anyway, im excited and happy the wait is over and I think it all progressed in a very timely way. I am grateful for that. I thank all of you for your encouragement and support. I wish all the best and God speed to all of you and praying for success with all of your claims.

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#330857 Ptsd & Bipolar Success

Posted by ncjoe1970 on 09 March 2014 - 01:01 PM

Applied for an increase in my PTSD last November, adding Bi-polar and was granted 100% P&T. Adding this to my SSDI case next month should be very helpful.


Wishing all of you the best, and will help any of my brothers and sisters that need help, anyway I can !

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#330796 Va Misdignosed Me!

Posted by killemall on 08 March 2014 - 03:10 PM

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#330615 Never, Ever Give Up!

Posted by Thadine on 06 March 2014 - 10:57 AM

Hello everyone... Thanks for the shout out... Okay so everything is happening sooooo fast which is why I said, NEVER GIVE UP.


Retro hit the bank this morning!!!! I'm doing the happy dance for less than $6k but hey, when your cable is about to be cut off and the babies need a new pair of shoes, you will too. lol. 


Okay, so the case closed on Friday, Feb. 28th in ebenefits. Got the Award letter on March 4th. Retro in the bank this morning, March 6th. Won't GOD do it!


Back pay was calculated from the date I put in for the increase. So, keep hope alive, don't give up and please take everything folks say with a grain of salt. Your case is different and unique. You are different. If I would have listened to folks who told me to let it go, I wouldn't be here today doing the happy dance. Soooooo, go be GREAT! You can do it!!!!



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#330338 Vamc Psychiatrist Calling Me A Liar On Pain Issues

Posted by GuaymasJim on 03 March 2014 - 06:01 PM

vet201060, (and all others on Hadit)


You need to get copies of ALL of your VAMC medical records including:  all of the imaging, medical and mental Progress Notes, Problems List, Labs, Medications, Procedures--EVERYTHING! If you have had any kind of operation or procedure or have been admitted to the facility, you will have paper records and you want those also.


Download VA Form 10-5345a INDIVIDUALS' REQUEST FOR A COPY OF THEIR OWN HEALTH INFORMATION.  It is attached to this post.  The ROI at your VAMC will provide you with the form also, but I prefer to take the time to fill it out exactly as I want it.  You decide on that.







PUT A CHECK MARK IN "OTHER." Then in the box write:


"ALL Records maintained at this facility including, but not limited to, all imaging, all physical and mental health Progress Notes, Problems List, Labs, Medications, List of appointments, and all other electronic/paper documentation of my treatment and care at this facility."


PUT A CHECK MARK IN "IN PERSON."  Please release this information directly to me in digital format on CD.


Sign and date the form in blue ink.


Go to the Release of Information Office and present the completed form.  Inform the person handling this release that you want all of the imaging on CD as well.  That person will most likely send you to the Imaging department where CDs will be made of all MRIs, CTscans, X-rays, etc.  Some times the Imaging Department will ask for a separate release form.  A signed original copy of the form you gave the ROI will usually suffice.


The ROI will have to get permission from your mental health care provider to release any MH information.  This is usually not a problem.  However, you seem to be in a pissing contest with one particular MH provider. If it becomes a problem, you can have the information released to another person (your wife, parents, etc. or another provider).  I would only involve the Patient Advocate if you run into static from this individual.  In that case, I would not only involve the Patient Advocate, but I would also contact the OIG at your RO and the:


Office of Medical Medical Inspector




1 800 634-4782


If you are forced to involve the OIC and/or OMI have all your ducks in a row!  As others have posted, you absolutely do not want to get labeled as "only a drug seeker."  How you explain your situation will determine how you are labeled.  If you want assistance in preparing your complaint, PM me.


My ROI and Imaging does this right when I am there.  I have heard that many others have had to wait for the CD(s) to be mailed to them.  The MRIs etc will come on a disk with a "viewer" program that will run on any Windows based computer. (I am not sure about Apple equipment.)


Once you have your records from the beginning of time (at this facility), all you have to do each time you get treatment there is to go to the ROI and fill out the same form requesting "ALL records from the last release to present."


Hope all works out well for you!



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#330240 Incarcerated Veterans

Posted by JT24usn on 02 March 2014 - 04:45 PM

They can file all they want but the problem they will hit is for the c and p. the prison won't bring the vet to vamc and the vamc will not send a doc. One angle I have tried is send a dbq to the prison and see if the doc will fill that out for the vet. Once they can't make the exam and no dbq claim will be rated based in evidence at hand. Jmho
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#328894 Life After 100% Service Connection

Posted by navy04 on 15 February 2014 - 12:18 AM

Today was my Wife's Birthday, Valentines, and our 10 year wedding anniversary. She spent the day working, and I spent the day at VA, doing 6 C&P exams for current FDC increase. We decided to go on Sunday, when the crowds are smaller. We were separated twice while I was in the Navy, Once due to being gone too much on Deployments, 5 years straight in OIF/OEF, and once when I spent 3 months in a Mental Hospital for PTSD. We are still together and I love her, and more attracted to her then when we first me years ago. I am very fortunate to have a Wonderful wife and 2 daughters. It is not always easy, and she has developed a lot of hate towards the Govt. Not a perfect life, but I would not trade it for the world. God bless to all of you, and wish you the best.

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#328447 Tdiu Denied - Reconsideration Meeting

Posted by Berta on 10 February 2014 - 08:03 AM

Yes, that was a great reply Lotzaspots!


“Examiners opined that your service-connected mental and physical disabilities do not preclude physical and sedentary employment."

If they didnt give a medical rationale for that, it is mere speculation.


“VA failed to address: 

  •  Social Security Award for service connected issues

  •  Dr. Letter stating unemployability

  •  PTSD - inpatient “

If SSA is solely for SC disabilities, they violated 38 CFR 4.6 here.

If they ignored any IMO letter, that too is violation of above

In they ignored the PTSD inpatient records, that too violates our basic evidentary rights.


If I were you (and I disagree with the VSO) I would bring a copy of this section of M21-1MR with me to the meeting:



It is from M21-1MR, Part IV, Subpart ii, Chapter 2, Section F .

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