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October 2011 - Bva 2Nd Big Win

Posted by carlie , 14 November 2011 · 2009 views

I've just compiled these for my Blog so I have them in one place.

I figure when I get depressed it will be good for me to re-read these.

* * * * * * * *

Posted 30 October 2011 - 07:39 PM

Opened up Saturdays mail from my VARO and have a few answers

from my BVA remand.

2 more issues were granted as SC'd.

Claim issues filed 04/26/2005

Went through denial - NOD - DRO Hearing - SOC - SSOC's

BVA Hearing 1- Remanded -

BVA Hearing 2 - Remanded -

May 18,2011 - A second DRO Hearing on the same issues -

SOC received 10/26/2011 -

MDD - granted SC - secondary to already SC'd disabilities -

Scar right wrist - granted SC - secondary to already SC'd Seizures / TBI

(I had a Seizure years ago in a shower with a glass door and my fist went

through the glass shower door).

I do not yet have the percentages or effective dates - those are yet to come.

The effective dates will AT LEAST have to retro back to 04/26/2005 and

will probably be in staged evaluation percentages.

Due to the BVA Remand additional C&P's were requested.

The MH C&P examiner stated absolutely no work, school or volunteering

due to MDD directly related to SC'd disabilities.

He wrote all symptomology that should warrant between 50 & 100%

and that I am competent to handle my finances.

I also still have PTSD due to MST that is under BVA level appeal -

I don't care if they ever SC it anymore - I'm tired of the fight.

( I know - only one evaluation for MH anyway. )

I am to the point with VBA - just provide all Benefits that are allowed by 38 USC and 38 CFR,

Compensate me Correctly - according to the Criteria in the Schedule Of Rating Disabilities,

as compared to the Medical Evidence of Record.

When this is completely accomplished - I will go away and leave the VBA alone,

try to live long enough to wait out my 20 years -

and then hopefully - VBA will leave me alone.

When I know percentage evaluation levels, effective date and retro amounts

I will post them.

6 YEARS and 6 MONTHS - exactly to the day - from filing a claim on these two issues,

at least I now know, that SC - has finally been granted.

Lesson for the day:

Continue to prosecute your claim issues in a timely manner.

Never Give Up !

* * * * * * * *

From the additional things I've found out now -

the Rating is :

100 % SC - P&T - effective date March 23, 2004


There is a retro deposit scheduled to be made - with figures that are 6 digits

and should require 3 signatures.

I am so floored - usually, with this type of news - my heart would be jumping out of my chest,

but right now - I feel like it's not even beating :-)

* * * * * * * *

Posted 08 November 2011 - 10:16 PM

" Date : October 26, 2011

1. SC for major depressive disorder is granted with an evaluation of 100

percent effective March 23, 2004.

2. SC for right forearm scar is granted with an evaluation of 0 percent

effective April 26, 2005.

3. Entitlement to special monthly compensation based on housebound criteria being met

is granted from October 29, 2008.

4. Basic eligibility to Dependent's Educational Assistance is established from

March 23, 2004.

5. The claimant is considered competent.

So finally - in regards to my personal claims issues with VBA, I will quietly go away,

in hopes to leave them alone (on any further personal claim issues) and hope they

stick to what they wrote, P&T with no future exams.

My passion will continue with helping as many VBA claimants as possible.

In this way - I won't be silenced.

* * * * * * * *

Posted 31 October 2011 - 12:30 PM

I just went to ebenefits - looking for a back door for more information

on my recent success and found this letter - now available to me.

Posted Image


810 Vermont Ave NW

Washington, D.C. 20420

October 31, 2011

In Reply Refer to:




Posted ImageDear Ms. :

We are providing you with this letter so you may receive commissary store and exchange privileges from the Armed Forces.

This is to certify XXXXX is an honorably discharged veteran of the Army and is entitled to disability compensation at the 100 percent rate due to service-connected disability(ies).

This total disability is considered permanent. You are not scheduled for future examinations.

How You Can Contact Us


Posted ImageRobert T. Reynolds, Director

Benefits Assistance Service

Enclosure: DD Form 1172

What a fight you have fought, Carlie. I am thankful that the VA has finally done the right thing and awarded you the compensation you so rightly deserve. Best of luck to you - try to enjoy life.

Pat Skinner
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