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Talkin' 'bout Politics

Posted by Bobby Slydell , 26 May 2009 · 1789 views

Everything is political in our country...probably everywhere there is a country. The VA is no different. Veterans and pundits and the occasional talking head are quick to tell us what this administration is doing for the VA and what that other administration didn't do for the VA. These guys are good, those guys are bad and it goes on ad...


Now, Diss Yourself

Posted by Bobby Slydell , 25 May 2009 · 868 views

The veteran community seems to be continually bent toward self destruction. We shoot ourselves in the foot day in and day out with actions that seem to be purposefully designed by an enemy set on destroying us.

Congressional representatives ignore us. The VA pays scant attention when we contact them. Civilians...those who we served to protect...won't...


Dissing Vietnam Vets

Posted by Bobby Slydell , 17 May 2009 · 839 views

A few days ago IAVA Executive Director Paul Rieckhoff made some comments about the murderous assault made on 5 soldiers at Camp Liberty. This was obviously the work of a madman, a soldier so completely stressed out he felt it was justified to kill his brothers in cold blood.

Rieckhoff, long known to be divisive and controversial, decided he would deflect...

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