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From: My Journey To Get A Psd - Ptsd Service Dog

Posted by Tbird , 02 March 2013 · 2441 views

Source: My Journey To Get A Psd - Ptsd Service Dog


Operating My Ipod After Taking My Anxiety Meds

Posted by Tbird , 04 July 2012 · 2604 views

Background: So last night sleep was a bit fleeting and had a bit of the heebie-jeebies all night, don't know why and frankly I don't really care at this particular point in time.

So after giving up on sleep after several hours, I decided anxiety medication was required which I took as prescribed. I put my headset's on and started blasting...


From: Hadit.com Business Cards

Posted by Tbird , 24 June 2012 · 2011 views

Print, Spread The Word About HadIt.com

Source: Hadit.com Business Cards


Why Your Mistakes In Your Va Claim Are A Win For Many

Posted by Tbird , 16 June 2012 · 2388 views

So you made a mistake when you filed your claim. That sucks. I've done it. But, does it really suck, I think not. With the hadit.com/forums you can let others know what not to do and believe me that is an invaluable to the veteran going through what you already have.

Even negative things can have a positive effect. If you can share your story and it...


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