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Still Awaiting The V.a. To Move On With My Claim Appeal

Posted by retiredat44 , 07 May 2012 · 2133 views


Still awaiting the V.A. to move on with my Claim appeal,

As the drag their feet and my condition worsens, they just keep jerking me around..

I just wanted to add, a bit of info that some people seem to not understand for whatever reason. The injuries and chemicals are in my service records, and the U.S.A.F. doctors confirmed the diagnoses, the exposure, and absorption into my body while on active duty. I was soaked in them daily.

After being removed from chemicals (with a totally new and different job) contact I was again forced to work with chemicals, on a new job. The same health problems came back. I had also been hospitalized for health issues on active duty. I was sick for 2 out of 5 years.

The chemicals a was that I was soaked daily, were: Jet Fuel, Diesel Fuel, Leaded Gasoline, and trichloroethylene. The facts are already present from 30 years ago, in my medical and service records. The illnesses causes not only stayed but got worse with time, as whatever your body is soaked in goes through many organs in your body. Whatever you touch, drink, etc, all go through your external and internal organs.

There are no questions whether these issues are real or not real. They are all real, and in stone. The issues are they ignored the evidence at the Veterans Disability claims and just wildly stamp deny on every piece of paper they can reach. The sick and disabled Veteran must then go through a miserable length of years to actually get an ear to tell them to look again at what their underlings failed to look at or understand.

Please do not confuse my chemical exposure with people who were near a toxic waste dump and may have been exposed through ground water or a spray... my skin was soaked in the chemicals daily, and continued to be even after doctors told my command that I was to not be exposed. My U.S.A.F. career was ended when they would only give me jobs with chemicals that continued the damage. All these years later, mostly, all I have done, is nothing but lay around sick, suffering, from an incurable disease of the pancreas. I haven't gone into commenting on the Neurological side of the diseases caused or contributed by the chemicals, nor the other diseases for which I suffer.

The Veterans Administration are buried in unresolved claims from hundreds of thousands disabled Veterans, who are in a hamster wheel of appeals that seem to never end. Once they hit your claim with deny, the years go by until you actually speak to a live person, up until then it's just some faceless worker who has the power to start the hell. You have no idea whether they know what they are doing. None at all. And when you do get to see p person, it is a 'hearing' which is synonymous with crime. As if you did something bad and need to appear to prove something that had already been written in stone so many years before.

They already have the records, the V.A. already has your medical records, why do you have to order them, read them, and underline each point and present them back, even though you are not medically trained, and have them on sheets of paper. Where, the V.A. can use a computer to view, search, and have medical doctors who understand the medical stuff. How hard can it be when you are sick and suffering, to fight a huge government agency who has unlimited resources to continue to stamp no. It is impossible to reason with people who work behind doors in private and secret, as they don't cal and ask you questions, if they have a question your case goes back into the file and it comes back up again years later. Instead of just them asking whatever it is they may not be clear on.

Do the V.A. workers get praised for turning down claims, or approving the claims that win? It seems they get bonuses for saving money, which means performance equates to saving money by denying claims.

What happens to you as you lay around sick waiting? Same as what happens when you run out of resources, you try to find money, live on the backs of others, find medical help that you can afford. Watch a family destruct because of all the pressure of lack of resources and no ability to continue a standard of living. Often not get some medical care because there is no money for the care.

Do you need a lawyer for fight the V.A. ? Maybe... do you need outside doctors to help give you advice on your medical claim and present outside evidence from a non-biased 3rd party with medical specialty in the area of your illness or injury? Actually, you can get an IMO, independent medical opinion, and add it as evidence for your case, but they are very expensive.

So, while filing does not cost anything, the government has unlimited resources to say no, and it really does come back to being like a court battle, like those that have a huge amount of resources money and time are needed to fight this huge monster with the rubber stamp who seems to get praises on the job for saving the taxpayer money, even if they wrongly deny, there is little the disabled Veteran can do, but fight through this nightmare.

This brings us to deny, deny, until they die. As, they have no time limit, they can wear you down. They can lose your file, they can deny, they can do whatever, as they know that there is little you can do. They no time is on their side. They know that many Vets will just disappear, give up, and or die, and it does not affect the V.A. one bit. At 5:00 p.m. each night, they go home and think about their family, their life, their vacation. They know they will have job security forever.

Now, before someone come to my page, which I greatly appreciate, as it is not fun to read about misery, I needed people to understand that I am not a person who just happened to be within a few feet of chemicals, I totally was soaked in them, and got sick from them on active duty, and doctors treated me. They wrote down in their own words what they observed, saw, and took information. The records are incontrovertible truth. So, now that that is not questionable, the only problem left is how can I get the V.A. to move along and stop denying my rights?

Here is my Youtube entry to let other's know how rotten the V.A. Claim Process is to sick and disabled veterans:

May 09 2012 09:40 PM
today I finally wrote my Representative, Congressman Darrell Issa, and his staff to help find out why the V.A. has no moved my claim and decisions forward after my DRO hearing in 2010.
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May 09 2012 09:45 PM
I am feeling sicker, my left side has had numbing sensation, I had pararalyzation not long ago in my left hand, and my muscles ramps up and they twist in directions that are not natural causing great pain.. at times I am unable to sleep because of the severe muscle twisting pain... I do take meds, but they are not working very well...
I see the neurologist very soon...

I have foamy pee, and lots of bubbles, not sure, but it is scary, I read the the kidneys losing proteins from problems cause the foam..

I don't have time to wait, I am very scared of a total relapse and back in to the hospital... no more jerking around,, they must act before I get really bad..
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They wait until the Nam Vet dies, hoping it stops there.
My late husband reopened his claim in may 2011, he passed away from GBM-4 Brain cancer in Dec. 2011.
I promised him on his death bed, i would not quit the fight and would help as many as I could too!
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May 26 2012 06:21 PM
my last and latest Congressional response , from my conressman's office inquiry,,
from VA regional, regarding my disability claim (I wrote my conressman asking them to look into getting my file moved forward because of my health issues... as a hardship):

The letter from my conressman and the VA:
Bascially says:
'your file has been flagged for review because of congressman inquiry' and information will be updated when there are changes.. '

At least the flashlight will be over the cockroaches...

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Jul 13 2012 12:20 AM
The foam and bubbles continue... I just had a new pee test and blood taken to see what is causing the foamy urine..
Something is defintely wrong and with pancreas disease it is very possible the kidneys are having problems..

Anyone else have foam and bubbles in urine, kidneys leaking protein, etc???

I also have a low grade fever, which Ihad for many years, but the fever went down bacl to the normal 86.8 degrees after a long while in the hospital... but the low grade temps that vary just under 100 degrees are common with me when I am sick, and the fevers can go for days weeks, months... I get hot flashes with horrible sweats whent he disease goes really bad...

anyways,, I read ablout the foam and bubbles and saw pictures ont ehInternet showing what they look like and mine look just like the pictures on the Internet,, the toilet bowl has a top covering of bubblels from tiny to the size of coins at least an inch deep in the morning and not as thick but still there at every pee... I have been feeling very sick... I got nasuea medicine... refilled... my docotor said they don't like giving the nausea medicine out because it has bad side effects and they only give it out for people with cancer,, because they are dying and the side effects won't matter... i used to get my nausea meds by injection in the hospital, but they give it to me in pill form as an outpatient..
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