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      The following is on my About page, but some have been asking how this all happened. So here is my little story. Tbird US Navy 1983 – 1990 E-6 HadIt.com the website domain registered Jan 20, 1997 the domain is registered and paid for through Jan 21, 2023 at which time I plan to register it for another 15 years Lord willing and the creek don't rise. I guess the best place to start is Jan 1991; I had gotten out of the navy Dec 1990. At my separation seminar, there was a DAV rep Jim Milton he told us to bring our medical records in and he would look through them for us and let us know if we should file a claim with the VA. Well, bless his heart, he opened my medical file, reads the first insert, looks me straight in the eye, and says you will be 50% for the rest of your life and he would file the claim for me. 50% was for surgery I had in the service. True to his word he met with me and talked with me for a long time filled out my paper work and urged me to file for PTSD. I would not file the PTSD claim, nor even discuss it. By Feb 1991 I had moved to the San Francisco bay area and was staying at a friends apartment and pretty much I was just a puddle. In desperation one night I called suicide hot line, I had no job, no idea about going to the VA. They talked with me for a long time and explained to me that I could go to the local VA hospital even if I did not have insurance. Now, I know what you are thinking if I was 50% why didn't I just go to the VA in the first place, two reasons 1, this was Feb 1991 and the 50% didn't come till May and 2, even if it had come through it is unlikely that I would have had the mental acuity at the time to put the two together. I relate this here because it is where so many of our brothers and sisters are coming from, perhaps where you started. Fuzzy and unsure, in pain and sometimes homeless they come to the VA hospital for help. And that is where I ended up. Up to the pysch ward I went, blah, blah, blah, a few days later I was released with a promise of a call from the out patient program, which I would soon be entering. Blah, blah, blah, after many missed communications, and no call backs I was at the Day Hospital everyday M-F. And this brothers and sisters is where I began to learn and formulate my plan for HadIt.com. Veterans, veterans everywhere…I spent a year in the day hospital and about another year at a sheltered workshop before I got back on my feet. So I just talked to veterans everyday waiting for appointments, waiting for prescriptions, waiting for a vet rep and I started to learn the system. While in the navy I was data analyst and had to learn a 5 volume manual and just about anything you were suppose to do was in that manual. So I figured there must be a manual on how to do a VA claim or at the very least regulations. So I found out about the Code of Federal Regulations, United States Code, Veterans Affairs Manuals and so on and so forth. Of course this was 1991/1992 I was living in a tiny studio apartment in a particularly bad neighborhood, working in a sheltered workshop making a nickel per envelope I stuffed throw in PTSD and you will see that it was a difficult task for me to get somewhere where they had copies of these, let alone that they would let me look at. And there was so much knowledge around me, it was like the gold rush in those days, I could just sit on a bench a veteran would sit down next to me a little conversation later I had another nugget, I made copious notes. Phone numbers to call, ask for this guy or that guy he'll give you the straight scoop and they'd slip me a piece of paper with a number on it. You want to read this regulation or that one and another slip of paper into my hand. I spent a lot of time on those benches watching the squirrels they gathered their nuts and I gathered mine :) So I'm thinking I could put a little handbook together print it out and hand it out at the VA. Or perhaps fliers. Still formulating, time goes by, 1994/1995 I am being treated for PTSD regularly and doing and feeling much better and I go to work for a company as a marketing systems analyst and I discover the internet. Well let me tell you that was perhaps one of the most significant life changing events I have ever experienced. And I might add finally a positive one :) It seemed only natural to me that surely there must be a website that contained all the knowledge I wanted, well as it turned out not so much, lots of stuff but I wanted to get straight to the claims information and there was a lot of stuff to wade through to get to it. So taking my lesson from the squirrels earlier I started to gather, gather, gather…and learn HTML and work as a marketing systems analyst and work my claim. 1996/1997 major PTSD cork blows and unemployed. Working my claim, working the website. 20 Jan 1997 register HadIt.com domain name right after getting off the phone with the VA and saying I've had it with this. As fate would have it the old DAV board goes down just as mine opens up and folks start to wander in. So HadIt.com has two main components the website which supports the discussion board with links, articles, research resources etc. The website starts to grow, I can't tell you how many times I had to switch servers for space and features. I continue on a downward trend and in 1998 ended up back home in St Louis living in my sisters basement in therapy and working it, I swear I would have swung a dead chicken around my head at midnight naked if I thought it would have helped. The website continued to do great during this time, I just stayed in the basement bought new software, new books, and learned how to make things work and I continued to use this knowledge to make HadIt.com better. My 100% finally came through from the VA and I had a friend who is an advocate who helped me thru my SSDI claim, he was literally at my side thru the entire process and that came through for me. My therapist and sister continued to try and get me to leave the basement, but to no avail. At some point in 1998 or 1999 I put a counter on the website and was shocked to discover how many visitors we were getting. Time goes by my sister gets married and I move from the basement to the upstairs, there is much celebration that Aunt T is living in the light again. More time goes by and I settle into my life in St Louis and spend more time on the site trying new things, finding more information. 2003 I buy my own home VA loan. For years now I have just considered HadIt.com my job and I get up every morning go to the office and work for several hours, take an afternoon break and see where the rest of day takes me. I have a place in the office to use the computer and a comfortable to place to read journals and articles and take notes. Blah, blah, blah so that is my story and HadIt.com's intertwined.
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      Hi I've updated our HadIt.com Pass It On Cards. They are in a PDF format you can print them out cut them there are 12 to a page. If you have found HadIt.com helpful and would like to pass it on to other veterans this is an easy way to do it.I hope you find them helpful, feel free to leave a few anywhere veterans gather, veterans centers, veterans hospitals, public libraries, be creative. Please make sure though, that if you want to leave some at any business you ask permission first.Here you go http://www.hadit.com...it_on_cards.pdf

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  1. Loose Cannon added an answer to a question 1/24/2014 Update   

    Continue to seek answers everyone...
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  2. Loose Cannon added a question in E-Benefits Questions   

    1/24/2014 Update
    FYI Video Folks:


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  3. Loose Cannon added a post in a topic Being Told The Nod Was Never Received   

    Thanks to those who took the time to reply to me via personal messages and emails. Nice to know so many "have my back" and agree.

    This arrogant attitude is NOT reflective of this website, yet it is becoming more and more accepted it appears. Disregard jerks who act like this. You know who you are...and we know who you are. Just no place in society for that stuff and encouraging to see so many of you agree.

    Let the haters hate. Moving on now...
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  4. Loose Cannon added an answer to a question Pretty Good Advice   

    Hey Chuck, Not sure if you get what we're talking about.

    In a nutshell:

    FACTS: The Ebenefits site had a breach of information recently. It affected a minimum of 5,000 veterans. Much personal info including FULL SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS were released over the internet.

    The post was just a suggestion some may want to take, however thank you for your additional insight.
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  5. Loose Cannon added an answer to a question Va Ace Phone Interview For Tinnitus Claim   

    SecondChance - Very happy to hear your good news...Congrats! After viewing asknod's comment, Post #12 of this thread, I commend you on your restraint. His comment was not only insulting and condescending, but it proved to be completely WRONG.

    Amazing nobody calls him out on not just his content, but his arrogance. This attitude is NOT reflective of this website, yet it is becoming more and more accepted it appears. Disregard jerks who act like this. Just no place in society for that stuff.

    Enjoy your win!
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  6. Loose Cannon added a post in a topic Les Shows Cz   

    Combat zones often include surrounding waters (as was in Desert Storm, other operations, conflicts, wars). Might not be "rock solid" evidence but couldn't hurt. Any specific operations that are documented would help prove participation too.
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  7. Loose Cannon added a post in a topic Ed (Erectile Dysfunction) Approved   

    Congrats! That is one cute doggie you have in your screen pic. I have a long-hair chihuahua too!
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  8. Loose Cannon added an answer to a question Ab8 Letter And Claim   

    I believe the advice meghp0405 gave above applies to you as well...It's all speculation on our part until you see the paper copy of your claim decision. Hang in there! LC
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  9. Loose Cannon added an answer to a question Done With This Round Of C&p Exams.   

    Glad to hear you got copies of your treatment reports...Smart move. Sometimes they don't like to give out mental health treatment reports on the spot as they are afraid of upsetting the requesting veteran. I thought there was a recently passed change that now instructs/ allows them to do that now but maybe I'm mistaken. No worries...They should arrive by mail in about 10 days or so.

    Only thing I'd ask is..Why your VSO thinks your SA claim will be denied?...Then won on an appeal. Is it for lack of evidence? What justification does he/she give you to predict that? I don't know about you but I'd want to avoid having to appeal anything once a claim runs it's course. As we all know, the process is long enough. I don't want to fight the VA for the rest of my life unless absolutely necessary. Hope you pose that question and get a satisfactory answer.

    Good job StreetWalker! Hope you have a good weekend. Stay warm wherever you are!
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  10. Loose Cannon added a post in a topic Being Told The Nod Was Never Received   

    Carlie - Don't even know how to respond to your comments. I expected more out of a moderator.

    yada, yada, yada?? Really?

    You bet I'm "enamored" with a group like Lauren's. I'm very proud to stand by her and seek to improve the mess of a system we have today for those who come after me. You want to throw up the white flag, go ahead.

    Never said we would "save you all" as you stated above. The goal is to improve the system. Ah, but you've "been there & done that" and it didn't work so nobody else should try?

    I respectfully disagree. I'm willing to put my existing claim in peril to make my stand and voice my concerns. Don't think for a minute I don't think someone from the VA is lurking on the site, reading my comments and wants me silenced.

    Let the chips fall where they may. The cause is bigger than any $$ the VA owes me.
    Thanks for your encouraging words as usual.
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  11. Loose Cannon added a post in a topic Being Told The Nod Was Never Received   

    Asknod - Instead of picking apart your massive metaphores, insults, and inuendos I've decided to take the high road one last time before calmly writing you off as part of the problem.

    I can't force anyone to read the information contained on http://www.veteranwarriors1.com/index.html
    Too bad - because if you had you would see Lauren Price has laid out a very detailed step-by-step plan that if acted upon, could very well change the lives of veterans & their families for many years to come.

    So what is your motivation to discredit any grass root organization that calls for change such as hers? Perhaps it is the fact that you stand to lose a lot of money on the book deal you have. That's right. After your own claim was completed you decided to capitalize on it by having a book published. Your book has since received very poor reviews by several respected members here on this website alone, not to mention many others - Go back and read their comments for yourself. Not very flattering.

    So if the VA claim system is in fact overhauled, like many vets are calling for, your book sales would be outdated & irrelevant.

    You may have had a distinguished military career with many hard-earned decorations. I don't question that. Like several of my Hadit family brothers & sisters, I too have medals with the combat "V" on them. Most of us don't place ourselves on a pedestal as you did with your above barrage of chest pounding and demoralizing comments. We just did our job and came home (most of us - only with the grace of God) to a system that is broken and struggling at best to keep up with our claims.

    You like to use fancy words to express yourself. Many vets are tired of fancy words. We get them all the time from the VA...from lawyers...and from politicians. Talk is cheap. Action speaks much louder Sir...Asknod...or Buckwheat as you so aptly signed your post.

    Maybe it's you who should reexamine YOUR approach and give our proposed change a look. Or are there other reasons you care to disclose as to why you won't lead, follow, or simply get out of our way?
    just sayin'
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  12. Loose Cannon added a post in a topic Overview On Dic For Survivors   

    Thank you sooooo much for posting this. It is very important, yet something too many of us put off for a "rainy day" to do. I started working on this, got sidetracked, and need to complete it yesterday!

    Don't want my loved ones to have to search for documents, etc. after I've gone to the "Rainbow Bridge!"

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  13. Loose Cannon added an answer to a question More Info On The E-Benenfits Vet Information Leak   

    The American Legion is challenging the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to take whatever measures are necessary to protect veterans personal information after a recent software defect on its eBenefits website exposed the online accounts of about 5,000 veterans to unauthorized users.

    American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger wonders why such data breaches continue to plague the department.
    "We’ve seen VA expose sensitive information about veterans before," Dellinger said. "Now it has happened with the relatively new eBenefits website. How can VA expect our veterans to file for benefits online when they may be risking identity theft by doing so?"

    The defective software allowed veterans and servicemembers logged onto eBenefits to view account information of other users. After discovering the problem, VA shut down the system and switched over to an earlier version of the software.

    VA’s Data Breach Core Team (DBCT) is reviewing the eBenefits failure. According to a statement issued by VA, once the DBCT determines the individual veterans affected, "VA will take the appropriate response, which may include free credit monitoring for the affected individuals, consistent with VA’s standard practice."

    "There should be no ‘may’ in that statement," Dellinger said. "We want VA to guarantee credit monitoring services for every individual whose personal information may have been breached. That is the least VA can do to atone for its latest compromise of data."
    Dellinger credited VA for informing the public about the eBenefits failure and for taking immediate action to minimize the damage. "But these data breaches need to stop," he said. "VA can’t continue to expose our veterans to identity theft. VA needs to take care of defective software before rolling out any online system."

    Continue to be careful folks!
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  14. Loose Cannon added a post in a topic Being Told The Nod Was Never Received   

    We agree on that one! IRIS has been the most useful but still, vets often get "computer generated, canned answers that often dodge the questions we submit. Persistence and following-up with additional IRIS questions is a must to get specific questions answered. And still, they dodge providing specific answers.
    I would think many like you would welcome the proposal to overhaul the VA's current claim system at http://www.veteranwarriors1.com and to lead the veterans of our country toward real & meaningful reform - which is sorely needed. Instead, you shoot the messengers...

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Loose Cannon
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  15. Loose Cannon added a post in a topic Being Told The Nod Was Never Received   

    Very eloquently written asknod. I don't want to hijack eg1970's topic but your comments regarding Ebenefits and the 1-800 call center do nothing but re-enforce what many of us are facing.

    Those 2 "services" are what the VA offers us to follow our claims. If they are both unreliable and/or non-functioning means to do this then why are the taxpayers dollars being wasted on them. Safe to say, most agree they provide little or no valuable assistance.

    But it's all we got! Simply telling a vet not to rely on them is not helping fix the problem.

    Just my thoughts for whatever it's worth.
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