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Visit With Vso And Followup

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#1 shortpig


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Posted 29 April 2009 - 07:45 AM

So he has PTSD and I assume understands the symptoms and all. He ignored me for months when I would call or email. It took going to his supervisor to get in to see him and get him to act on my claim. When I first went in he was going to request the records from the crime. It has now been 9 mths and he still doesn't have those records. He felt they were very important to prove my claim at the time. While I was setting there he got on the phone called some "supposed" detective at Ft Dix requesting he call him back. Me "unimpressed" I don't trust big shows. Because of my PTSD I don't trust him either. So he pkgd up my claim and was sending it in yesterday A.M. supposedly! I got up yesterday morning and starting making phone calls starting with Ft Dix police. No they don't have records on base for the CID over 1yr old. After 4 more phone calls I was directed to a website where it is simple to request records and it will take 30 to 60 days to receive them.No Bull no hype. Just fill out form on line, print it, sign it add a government picture ID with it scan it and email, fax it, or mail it. Either way works.
So I sent my VSO an email saying don't worry about it the records have been requested, Took me all of 30 minutes to complete including phone calls. He writes back that I shouldn't have done that. He was told by someone to go thru the proper channels to acquire the records for the case. Yeah 9 mos ago. I did go thru the proper channels just did it a whole lot quicker. He also said that I shouldn't open the envelope he needs to receive it still sealed and document it when it is opened. Is this crazy or what! Granted! We might not even need this additional evidence but just in case it will be nice to have it.

Also because of it lack of attention to my case he never requested or received my Drs records from my Psych appts so now they will have to be requested and received by the VA, that will hold things up I'm sure. If they even request them after my C & P exam. It went great while I was there but after the horror stories I have heard from others on forums about what they tell you while you are there and what they submit to the VA for the claim file who knows?

This more than likely could have been submitted 6mos ago had he done his job and we would have had all the evidence we needed.

Soon it will be in the raters hands and he said don't call them or bug them it will only irritate them and that we don't want. If you bug them it can once again slide to the bottom of the pile on their desk. Don't know how true that is but actually it is believable to me.

Guess I needed to vent. I have requested a complete copy of everything he has in my file and that I will pick it up tomorrow after work at the front desk. I want to set down with it and go over every form and every piece of evidence he has acquired and sent in for the claim. I figure it's my right and if I have to go into appeal I will be way more prepared to do so than he has been for the initial claim process.

Thanks for listening!

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#2 Jim MAC


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Posted 29 April 2009 - 08:03 AM

Good luck you need to take care of your case. I would send everything in and just give a copy to your VSO


#3 shortpig


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Posted 29 April 2009 - 08:20 AM

Good luck you need to take care of your case. I would send everything in and just give a copy to your VSO


Supposedly he has already sent it in as of yesterday. I'm going to wait a week or so and call to see if they received it. If not he isn't going to want to see me walk into his office I guarantee you that. I will definitely have another conversation with his supervisor. My understanding is though that I will receive letters from the VA when they are reviewing the file is that true?

#4 Eric_M


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Posted 29 April 2009 - 09:28 AM

I would fire that guy in a split second.

Why deal with two orginazation's drama, just deal directly with the VA.

It sounds like you are already doing all your own case work.

Fire him, and save yourself the headache.

Just my 2 cents.....Eric

#5 Pete53


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Posted 29 April 2009 - 04:29 PM

Your VSO is not helping you. I would look for another one. Try another organization they all usually office together at your VAMC

Good Luck

#6 john999


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Posted 29 April 2009 - 07:08 PM

Your VSO sounds like a lazy SOB. You don't need that xxxxxxx. You hand carry all the documents to the VA and get copies. Do it yourself. This VSO might hurt you much more than help you. Since you are not in appeals you should be able to get another VSO to represent you. It is ok to have one, but don't depend on them to win your claim for you. That is your job. I don't understand what the VSO's get paid for to tell the truth. They made a mess of my claim often before I got serious about it. Evidence is what wins claims.

#7 yoggie2


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Posted 29 April 2009 - 07:26 PM

This is why we are here to take matters in to our own hands this MAN is out of his gord, talking don't open it bring it to me first, right.... Open that sucker up and make copies and turn them in your self and get them date stamped too... I wouldn't trust this man with a cork gun or a plastic fork....not alone my claim..

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