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Report On Environmental Contamination For Fort Greely

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#1 Capt.



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Posted 07 December 2011 - 10:53 PM

Hello All, After 40 years of coverup , what we who were there and now sick or dead from the chemicals shown are now being brought to the acknowledgement of those in charge. Chemical weapons, Biological Weapons , Nuclear, Agent Orange, Asbestos, Lead and so much more. The cleanup is still not done but this report will help many folks who were there and sick like Jerrel and I . I sent this to Jerrel today so he can start to glean from it and get it to his lawyers to prove up his claims. I sent it to mine and now must just wait the ride out for the exposure issues to now be used thru the benefit of a doubt. NO MORE DOUBT ABOUT IT. This report even brings up the contaminated pipeline that ruptured carring the Nuclear material. The reports on the groundwater being contaminated with nuclear and agent orange. The concerns of the housing projects and barracks with the asbestos even with the pipes and problems. GREAT PICTURES This report just needs to soak in on alot of folks. It still has me reeling when I face the board and try to stay up face to face and manup to the stuff . If only I can make it thru this for a few more years. Carlos (Ft Greely) is gone and Joe is gone. If only we could have had some of these reports. Jerrel its really you and me and ol Claude trying to hold the old fort group down and make the stuff be remembereed. NEVER .....NEVER>>>>>>NEVER
GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.


THIS IS FOR ALL OUR SOLDIERS that did not make it. Remember that silent death kills and 340 perday on Agent orange. 240,000 now gone from the death of AO.

Please read the report and pass it on to another person, God Bless our troops and out last those who choose to ignore it.

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#2 Stretch


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Posted 08 December 2011 - 12:08 AM

Hey CC,
Where is the report or link??

#3 Capt.



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Posted 08 December 2011 - 01:49 AM

Thank you Stretch
Sorry I hope this works .....been stuck at the docs all week and just having some problems. Checked it just a minute ago and now its gone...... sorry folks ,,,your government is watching this site. God Bless, NEVER GIVE UP.C.C.


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#4 Capt.



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Posted 08 December 2011 - 12:30 PM

Hello Folks,

Well if anyone thinks the government is not serious about protecting their data ,,,,think again. This link is now gone and will not come up. This site is being monitored by the powers to be. The link that I posted was working fine yesterday but this morning it is now an HTTP ERROR. But I have a big surprise , whoever they are that are taking these critical information files and removing them from the internet, did this to me before on several other key important documents on Fort Greely.Fort Greely is still THE BIGGEST TOP SECRET DOD playground and they will protect it . Especially if it means Veterans are using information to use in their claims. I got this one all printed out .....174 pages with color pictures , reports , included. But I did get it saved to PDF before they could remove it. That was because I knew how important this valuable information was and because of their past shennangans of removing critical documents from the Internet, once it got posted. This just shows us how far our government will go to cover up , conceal , destroy anything that could help our Veterans to win their claims.

Folks and those that are new here. I have a suggestion. If you find any documents , please try and save them IMMEDIATELY to PDF , Adobe or to disk, or make printout copies that can be recopied. Once the information is removed or put somewhere else, it is basically gone and cannot be used again. I am not being paranoid because it has happened now 3 or 4 times in the last 5 years and it has always been documents , reports that were important to my claims issues from this top secret base. Jerrel Cook and I have both lost out on documents because we did not save them or print them out immediately. It is not ,,,,NOT COINCIDENCE. I used to just save the link or site but now if it is important it immediately gets printed and then saved to PDF and I make up to date discs every 6 months as my information , records , files grow. I learned the hard way. Yes this is a full time job. It also makes me mad that many of our Vets do not have computer skills, or do not have enough time to be able to keep track of the endless trail of paper , material , records. Fortunately I have sent several Veterans who are from Fort Greely the PDF file on this report, including Jerrel and my lawyer. I had sent my lawyer a link to the site but now its gone so they had no chance to see it. Now they do......... They loose ,,,,,,, WE WIN.....It is not just having to fight with Regional Offices that can't read or deliberately muddy up the claims process, but to have agencies whos job it is to watch sites or the web to remove critical information that gets posted and then removed because someone has seen it and has the power to "destroy" it from cyber. Our tax dollars at work to use against the Veterans. Ohhhh I wish someone could bring this problem to congress .....HHmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds like a subject for a show on SVR too.

I am hoping someone can try and show us how this report could go back up on Hadit. It is a large file and I don't want Tbird to have her site clogged with alot of KB or MB of info. The information is very critical to alot of Fort Greely Vets and their struggles with their claims , so this would be useful to all to have it back up and able to have for research. As always NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.

#5 Berta


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Posted 08 December 2011 - 02:19 PM

This report has been on the net for 4 years and is here:


I personally feel, that although it is interesting, it has no probative value whatsoever for any veteran with an exposure claim unless they can prove direct exposure to whatever thy think caused their disability and then get a strong IMO that supports the nexus from the disability to the exposure.

An IMO doc might want to incorporate part of this report into the IMO or add a link to it ,if there is something there specific to the veteran's particular exposure issue.

Just my opinion.

#6 rdawg


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Posted 08 December 2011 - 03:20 PM

hey capt. cont.,

You may want to check your internet connection. I opened this this morning and 2 minutes ago no problem.

I agree with Berta, this may show contaminants on the base but that is only one piece of the puzzle. I was stationed at Homestead, AFB and Chanute which are now superfund sites (most military stations will be at some point). This proves that I may have been exposed to those toxins listed on NPL but not that I was exposed. Luckily in my supervisors in the AF documented my exposures in my SMR's to PD680 (benzene, tce, mek), isocyanytes (painting operations), JP4 deisel, zinc chromate primer (hexavelant chromium) and noise. I have an IMO which connects the dots from my exposure to current conditions. Waiting one year now. SIx months in decision phase.


#7 Capt.



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Posted 08 December 2011 - 04:06 PM

Hello all, This is so weird , I tried it now and it works. Jerrel and I both have lost some very important reports because they just disappeared. I talked to him this morning and we discussed the reports in the past that now have gone. Though the report has been published since 2007 , the report has not been available to most of us who have researched Fort Greely until recently, including Jerrel and some others.

Yes Berta , I think we have been over this before.

I have all the articles necessary for direct exposure.

4 IMOS all different Doctors,

1 Environmental Scientist Opinion

Buddy Statements

MOS certificates

Inservice medical records showing diseases and links(SMRs)

I agree the report is not probative UNLESS the IMOS and other evidence can link it up. However without reports like this the Veteran CANNOT get an IMO to use involving chemical exposure . Kind of a catch 22

Also the report is extremely powerful with the Bldg and location numbers as the Pictures now show the Bldgs individually which other reports only show aerial shots and bldg assignment numbers. These are very accurate. Another item is the actual pictures of Asbestos ,Lead , Mold contamination, as well as the Nuclear problems with Injection well and ground water. This is the most comprehensive report I have seen , unlike the BRAC, Corps of Engineer Reports,ADEC, Restoration and Advisory Boards, EPA, ATSDR,CERCLA and others which are more general and in some cases vague and not as accurate. Without a solid report and pictures to show the contamination it wil only be kinda of matter of fact.
As with any Direct exposure issue careful groundwork and evidence needs to be brought forward and presented in a way that all the dots are connected and can lead to evidence in equal equipoise and making the case for the Benefit of a Doubt, 38 CFR 3.102.

Anyway the link is there now ...so maybe it was a server issue temporary event. Unlike some of the other evidence reports that Jerrel and I and some others have lost forever in the cyber space world. My lawyer and I FOIA s attempts to locate them also failed or should I say were given to the rabbit chasing routine of shuffling to other depts, and agencies. A very common tactic,,,, boy is that another story. Hope this will help some others. NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.and I

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#8 retiredat44


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Posted 08 December 2011 - 04:33 PM

those that are filing for a claim with these chemicals, what illnesses are you suffering from that are possible cause from contact with chemicals? I am not asking what chemicals, I am asking what diseases you have that are connected to the chemicals? thanx...

#9 Capt.



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Posted 08 December 2011 - 06:16 PM

Hello Retired,

Specifically , I have been diagnosed with IHD(Athero, CAD), PN, (no diabetes yet) restricted lung disease, witha granuloma on right lobe,Pulmonary Hypertension, IBD(gastroenteritis), Dry Eyes. Since 1997 thru 2005 diagnosis. Hope your doing better Retired and making some headway. The report I posted also list Teledyne as one of the key contractor environmental engineers signing off on it. Their original report earlier I think signed off also in 2005 is not nearly as strong as this report. Though Fort Greely has gone thru extensive remediation , it still has sites that are a long ways to go some that will never be the same , especially with the SM1A Nuclear Reactor entombed. As you know also from being sick from chemical exposures , it is a long , frustrating battle that the VA seems to want to ignore. Your not alone as many of us here at Hadit know the exposure battles and the way our bodies want to shut down and at a fairly early age. Hang in there , NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.

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#10 rdawg


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Posted 09 December 2011 - 06:42 AM

conditions applied for

allergic rhinitis
benign paroxymal postional vertigo
opto kenetic nystagmu
sleep apnea
interstitial lung disease - shortness of breath

#11 jbasser


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Posted 09 December 2011 - 01:02 PM

I did try to open this report on 2 different computers when CC Posted it and it was for some reason unavailable.
We can call it what we want, but I call it strange that it went down just after it was linked to Hadit.


#12 Capt.



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Posted 09 December 2011 - 06:23 PM

Hello Jbasser, I thought I was loosing my mind but it was taken down for several hours by "Them" . I am puzzeled why they put it back up. This is not just the first time that I have had information from Fort Greely suddenly disappear into thin air . The difference here is that it got put back up. There is alot of information that has disappeared or been removed by the Fort Greely Restoration and Advisory board over the last 3 or 4 years. Some information I have fortunately printed out and saved on disk ,,,,,,,is now not there on the site and these updates are killers as sometimes the report goes a missing. Especially if it links some information that is probative and useful to Veterans. I would recommend when dealing with any agency that if and when the Veteran finds it , copy and print it fast. This has happened to me with EPA and ADEC as well as a couple of the Engineering Companies hired to Remediate. It is also weird that the Superfund status is not listed but Fort Wainwright is . That is because Fort Greely was transferred to Fort Wainwright under USARAL. So trying to find any real probative reports is tough. I was fortunate that the Regional Director for EPA was a young employee the years I was there at Fort Greely and personally called me to discuss my FOIA. I received over 1400 documents and was one of the few times the FOIA worked for me. The Regional Director told me that the DOD was arrogant in all ways dealing with numerous violations that the EPA expressed concern and wanted information to use. I also was sent the Newspaper Articles in the EPA files of FOIA showing the fines and illegal negligence concerning contamination issues. It placed so much frustration on this young employee , now the boss, that I got some great material that I have used in my claim. Certainly nothing the DOD, US ARMY or Fort Greely would be happy that I got. Sometimes memories of how you treated someone can work to the Veterans benefit .

Still I have lost these documents that once were there.......so does the DOD or VA monitor what gets published by certain agencies and do "THEM" have the ability to destroy or remove it..... ABSOLUTELY...... This might be a good show for SVR and Jerrel knows alot of what I am talking about too. Never GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.

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#13 Capt.



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Posted 10 December 2011 - 02:18 AM

Posted Image "THEM " were always at it.........can we really win ....... they seem to know all of our moves........... NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.

Attached Files

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#14 Notorious Kelly

Notorious Kelly

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Posted 10 December 2011 - 07:09 AM

Posted Image "THEM " were always at it.........can we really win ....... they seem to know all of our moves........... NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.


Keep fighting guys!

#15 Jerrel


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Posted 10 December 2011 - 10:04 AM

A very good find CC
It is a good read and some of the info could be of help to someone if they were at
Ft Greely at the same time as the chemical and the Veteran has diseases that can be
connected to the chemicals or direct exposure and can prove it then some of this
report could be used in support of the the vets claim..Keep up your research CC
you are doing great..thank you

#16 Berta


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Posted 10 December 2011 - 11:16 AM

This is a successful Benzene Jet fuel exposure claim:


It also supports what Jerrel has correctly stated.

The veteran's MOS must clearly show they were exposed to the specific contaminant,(or have buddy statements that are prepared with the proper buddy statement criteria) and then the medical evidence must show their claimed disability due to this type of exposure has no other possible known etiology and is directly due to the exposure.

The claim has to be read in full to understand the decision.Once the flushing syndrome was granted as due to inservice Jet fuel exposure, there were multiple secondary service connected conditions that grew out of the initial exposure decision here.

I wrote an exposure claim years ago for a local vet and used this case as a template. The local veteran had a proven contaminant exposure issue, a form of cancer most likely directly due to the exposure issue,then I found a recent lawsuit award of millions for a non vet who also had this type of cancer due to exposure to the same contaminant as the vet did,exposed in the private sector ,then I proved he had no other etiology at all but for his exposure to cause this type of cancer, and I also attached a Section 1151 claim regarding some botched up surgery the VA gave him for the cancer. It was a very valid claim and he was attempting to get an IMO.

Unfortunately he suddenly died and left no one to continue his claim.Or Sue the VA.

“The Veteran states that he was saturated with jet fuel during
service, and the Board finds his assertion, which is
supported by statements from multiple informants (including
at least one military eyewitness), to be consistent with the
circumstances of his service, which entailed refueling and
defueling military aircraft. Moreover, medical evidence
(including that from the Mayo Clinic and VA Compensation and
Pension examiners) confirms that the Veteran has a flushing
disorder (characterized by flushing in the neck and chest,
swelling of the throat, shortness of breath/difficulty
breathing, and severe fatigue/weakness) and a bilateral
hearing loss disorder; and numerous physicians have opined
that the Veteran's flushing attacks and bilateral hearing
loss may be secondary to his in-service exposure to jet fuel
benzene. Even the independent medical expert concedes that a
link between the Veteran's in-service exposure to jet fuel
and the post-service onset of flushing attacks and hearing
loss is possible. Although a link between the current
Veteran's flushing disorder and service was doubted by the
2007 VA Compensation and Pension examiner, he proffered no
explanation for the Veteran's flushing disorder and related
symptomatology, and simply concluded that the Veteran's
specific case "remained an enigma, an idiopathic
( my note here: Flushing syndrome'is one of many manifestations of jet fuel poisoning.There are numerous symptoms of JP 4 poisoning that can cause chronic and additional disability.)

“The record also contains evidence that the Veteran has
incurred additional disabilities secondary to his flushing
disorder. Medical records confirm that the Veteran's
treatment for his flushing attacks includes systemic
corticosteroids and sometimes subcutaneous epinephrine.
According to the Veteran's endocrinologist, his diabetes
mellitus, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary artery
disease, and osteopenia are attributed to the glucocorticoids
used to treatment his flushing attacks. The Veteran's
pulmonary specialist also opines that the Veteran's diabetes,
hypertension, and coronary artery disease disorders are
secondary to corticosteroids taken for treatment of the
Veteran's flushing attacks; and the record contains no
medical evidence to the contrary. In addition, the
independent medical expert avers that these medications may
have contributed, "at least partly," to the Veteran's
development of sleep apnea; and there is no medical evidence
to the contrary. Accordingly, with resolution of all
reasonable doubt in favor of the Veteran, the Board finds
that service connection for diabetes mellitus, hypertension,
hyperlipidemia, coronary artery disease, osteopenia, and
sleep apnea, secondary to the Veteran's service-connected
flushing disorder, is also warranted. 38 C.F.R. §§ 3.102,

Service connection for a flushing syndrome, characterized by
symptoms that include difficulty swallowing (claimed as
dysphagia); shortness of breath; and severe weakness/fatigue,
is granted.

Service connection for diabetes mellitus is granted.

Service connection for coronary artery disease is granted.

Service connection for hypertension is granted.

Service connection for osteopenia is granted.

Service connection for obstructive sleep apnea is granted.

Service connection for bilateral hearing loss is granted.”

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#17 Capt.



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Posted 10 December 2011 - 01:19 PM

Hello Jerrel, Berta , and NK.... that is a good report on the JP4 issue and shows how an IMO can link the issue. Thanks Berta. I believe that Retired44 is dealing with a Carbontetrachlorine and I think so is Hoppy if memory serves me correctly. The majority of the Fort Greely claims are respiratory and neurological from what I have seen. Jerrel and I have almost exactly the same diseases and so does another soldier Jerrel and I know from there. Not counting the 2 that passed away last year from their fight with Fort Greely problems. What is so excellant about this report is the huge Asbestos problem which of course is a concern to anyone with respiratory issues and has me concerned because of the 6 URIs and forced Ear Drain for 2 days ....and the finding of a Granuloma on my right middle lobe. This was found by xray and Ct scans and deemed from an "old infection". Now we have the link and the IMOs using it. This report is more definitive of what bldgs and locations and will be easier to prove up than the old reports and the vagueness and secret way of numbering those locations , to the point that only a handful of people would be privy to that information. I am going to try and go over the report because Jerrel and I are concerned that the amount of time the report was taken down could mean someone may have.......as Jerrel put it yesterday on the phone..."Sanitized" it. He and I both have seen that happen in some other reports.

Having more information on Asbestos and Lead is important because there are only a couple of other reports that are dealing with the issues but not as strong as this one. Also the information on the AO and Nuclear is better , even down to the SM1A pipeline and the rupture and the ground water contamination issue from the injection well used to "dispose" of the Nuclear waste. Tritium , Strontium, and Chromium which are very serious. Anyway hope this helps some others and will show the need for those fighting with Chemical Exposure issues that Evidence like this can really win the Veterans Claim.