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Compensation Claim And Exams

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#1 denver80904


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Posted 06 May 2012 - 03:07 PM

Hello fellow Veterans,

I have following this website for some time now. This my first thread regarding my claims. I have done research regarding my ailments. I filled for PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Tinnitus (10% awarded 2 months ago), and Neck Injury

This is from my C&P exams:

Depression: The Veteran's diagnosed Dysthymic Disorder is directly related to the complaint of depression while on active duty....At least as likely not 50% or greater.
Axis 1 Dysthymic Disorder
Axis 2 blank
Axis 3 Mental diagoses: muscle spasm, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Chronic Back Pain, mixed hyperlipidemia (resolved by Veteran), Knee Arthralgia, Lipoma of other Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, subjective Tinnitus
Axis 4 Psychosocial and Environmental Problems: Social Isolation; Homelessness
Axis 5 GAF: 60

Occupational and Social impairment with occupational tasks only during periods of signficant stress, or symptoms controlled by medications.

No other mental disporder has been diagnosed.

Statement from the C & P exam: Symptoms: depressed mood, anxiety, flattened affect, disturbances of motivation or modd, iintermittenent ability to perform activites of daily living including maintence of minimal personal hygiene. Doctor stated "visual illusions" as opposed to "visual halluciantions"

Regarding Dysthmic Disorder: Dysthmic Disporder is not cuased by or a result of his military service. However, it seems that symptoms of Dythmic Disorder were exacerbated by each of the factors listed above.

MRI :1. 2mm retrolistesis of c5 and c6 2. mild compression fractures of c6 and t1, presumably old. 3. Partial fusion of the c4 nd c5 vertebral bodies, probably congential. 4. Multilevel shallow disc osteophyte complexes, slightly more pronounced at c6-c7 on the left, where there may be impingement of the exiting nerve root. (should have claimed for numbness in my left forearm and hand/fingers)

Cervical Spine: Diagnosis 1: congential partial fusion c4-c5, old compression fracture at c6 (Mild loss of height), and arthritis. No acute fracture.
Diagnosis 2: Schmol's Nodes T11 and T12 (not claimed)

Medical Opinion: ....At least as likely not 50% or greater.....

I made the mistake of filling my claim without any real idea of what to do. It seems to me that I will be awarded for Depression and Neck Injury (not sure which disability it will be, sice numerous things are present)
I am going to be filling again for the most recent problems that have became apparant. I have always had "back and hips problems". Dec 26th, I got a compression fracture. By March, I had another compression fracture.It took the VA 3 months to diagnose it, since that time, the surgeon said he can do surgery but he is not confident it will provide me with any relief. Numerous X-rays and MRI's, Bone Scans (2), and Dexa scan. With all the tests, it has become aware that I have Osetopenia in my thoractic and lumbar and Osetoporisis in my hips. Along with, decreased vertebral body height on t6 and t11 of 25%. A synovial cyst on the left of t7-t8, resulting in nerve impingement.

My questions are: 1. How do the claims for depression and neck injury look like? I feel they look promising.
2. Recent revelations regarding thoractic, lumbar, and both hips. Should I make those secondary to the neck issues when and if the neck is awarded disablity? My reasoning is once the stability of the spine has been compromised then the original neck issues would lead to the delcine of the entire spine. It took and accident, to realize the problems. I always thought to myself that the daily pain in my lumbar was becuase of my neck. Maybe that has some truth to it. What do the HadIt community think?

Thank you for readding this and any input you have for a me.



#2 broncovet


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Posted 07 May 2012 - 08:48 AM

Welcome to hadit..according to your post, you are homeless. I appreciate your posting. MAKE SURE THE REGIONAL OFFICE KNOWS YOU ARE HOMELESS. Why?
Well, they are supposed to help the homeless and expidite their claims..this is a hardship! But if they dont know, they wont expidite. Send them a 21-4138 form and inform them you are homeless, or do so through your Veteran Service Organization rep. It could save you months of processing time, that is, get you your money sooner if you are eligible and it sounds like your doc says you are.

If you served in war time, then file for pension also. You see, you dont have to have "service connection" to get pension and that makes it go faster. Its based on need and surely you qualify if you dont have a home.
It sounds like they awarded tinnitus. Did they "defer" the other claims or "forget" them? If they "forgot" them, then they are "deemed denied", and you need to appeal!

#3 denver80904


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Posted 07 May 2012 - 10:33 AM

Thank you Broncovet. the process is still going. I had to get someone else's information out of my file. 2nd the comp doctor didn't do the correct test for my neck. These 2 things have delayed things. I will go in and file for hardship today. I have been homeless because I tore my ACL on Jan 1, 2011., then broke a rib in June when I went back to work, then I had an accident with a bed and got compression fracture in my Thoracic which led to all the findings from the exams. The VA knows I'm homeless but I doubt the raters know or care. Thank you all the advice I get from people here. Hadit has been a wonderful learning experience.

#4 denver80904


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Posted 08 May 2012 - 02:03 PM

Well, today i got some paperwork to file for the Formal Claim. This time I will take my time and put all the exams and tests in order to save some time on the VA's end. My VSO suggested to make my thoracic and lumbar problems as secondary to my neck issues. My neuroligist sound convincing that when 1 problem occurs in the spine the rest of it becomes weaker to compensate. If that is true, then I have claims that would need attention to it. The C&P exam was over my neck but the doctor did my lumbar anad thoracic. I have those 1st exams and they are promising. I am confident that this claim will be approved with all the evidence from appointments, testing, and failure of physical therapy. I shall update this as time goes along. Off to a sleep study tonight, so I'll be out of the loop for a day. Tomorrow at 8am, I go see the neck and back doctor, again.

#5 carlie


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Posted 08 May 2012 - 02:56 PM

Homeless Veterans Home


Mental Health Residential Rehabilitation and Treatment Programs (MH RRTPs)


Definitions of MH RRTPs


#6 denver80904


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Posted 08 May 2012 - 03:04 PM

Thank you Carlie. I checking these out right now.

#7 denver80904


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Posted 08 May 2012 - 03:12 PM

I am already in the Grant and Per Deim program. I have been in it for a year, trying to get my physical and mental health better. I have tried a few programs but physically I unable to do many jobs. Last job I had my 6th right rib shattered. Lasting 4 months of rehab and surgery. Then Dec 26th, a compression fracture at t7 and t12 have been a huge problem for me. I appreciate being guided to the websites. I am going to save them for myself and other vets around here.

#8 denver80904


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Posted 12 May 2012 - 07:29 PM

Friday, I met with my VSO and we filed the hardship and released all my exams and what-not. He noted that someone was looking at my file "today". I went and got the C&P exam from Thursday. I posted this in another forum once I figured it should be placed there.