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2 C&p Exams

2 c&p exams monday

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#1 doogie


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Posted 28 July 2012 - 11:43 AM

Ok ,after fighting for SC for heart problems since 1984 ,and stacks of medical evidence and at least 4 denials.

I am schduled for 2 cardiac C&P exams on MONDAY and TUESDAY JULY 30 and 31 2012.

This is the first C&P that the VA has ordered since the very beginning.

One is for a cardiologist doctor consultation and him confirming i have a defibulator ,murmor ,stents ,and 15 catherizations, with chronic ESCHIMIC HEART DISEASE,also that i have congestive heart failure among other things.

The second exam is to check that my heart ejection fraction is less than 30% and that i have a tricuspid valve instead of a bicuspid valve.The congenital bicuspid valve is what the VA denied me for,but my doppler exam in 2010 proved that i have a normal heart which is a tricuspid valve.

So basically the VA wants to verify everything ,

my question is ???? what does this mean,is this good news or bad

I am hoping the end is in sight finally ,but i don't know

Any thought from anyone???

#2 USMC5811


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Posted 28 July 2012 - 08:19 PM

I would think that because they have never scheduled you for a C&P before = "this is the first C&P that the VA has ordered since the very beginning".....that hopefuly it is a good sign and I pray it is for you. With that said, I don't think just because a C&P is scheduled....does it necessarily mean that a Service Connection is inferred by the VA and a compensation will follow for anyone but perhaps this might be a reason that they might finally concede if your are a Vietnam War Veteran.

I believe it was just recently, in 2011 (need to edit the date it was actually 08/31/2010), that they added Ischimic Heart Disease to the presumptives of exposure to herbicides in Vietnam.

e) Disease associated with exposure to certain herbicide agents. If a veteran was exposed to an herbicide agent during active military, naval, or air service, the following diseases shall be service-connected if the requirements of §3.307(a)(6) are met even though there is no record of such disease during service, provided further that the rebuttable presumption provisions of §3.307(d) are also satisfied.

Ischemic heart disease (including, but not limited to, acute, subacute, and old myocardial infarction; atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease including coronary artery disease (including coronary spasm) and coronary bypass surgery; and stable, unstable and Prinzmetal's angina)

38 CFR 3.307(e)(2011)

I apologize in advance if this does not specifically apply to you = not a Vietnam Vet.

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#3 doogie


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Posted 01 August 2012 - 01:39 PM

Ok i did the two C&P exams


This claim was closed for over 15 yrs after 4 denials because i had no more evidence to support the claim.
In DECEMBER 2010 i had the same doppler with my private CARDIOLOGIST and had the same report
I sent it to the VA as new and convincing evidence and they reopened the claim in JUNE 2010
I am going next WEDNESDAY and have another doppler exam by my private DR.

Now if anyone give me advise: should i send the new private DR doppler report when i get it,or do i just let the QTC DR"S stand as evidence
I guess what i am trying to say is more better or less better???

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#4 USMC5811


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Posted 01 August 2012 - 08:42 PM

As I'm fairly new to the process...just going by what I've researched on hadit.com....here's my two cents, if nothing else it'll bump your post up so that maybe other more experienced vets will give their opinion:

What I would personally do is: If they did not give you a copy of both C&P results yet, I would get/request a copy of them. My understanding is if the C&P was done at a VAMC then all you would have to do is go in and sign a privacy act request and they usually give you one right there. IF QTC or the new/other contracting agency with VA did the C&P then you could either 1. Ask at the Contracting place if they will give you a copy - some have had luck obtaining one...others not 2. wait until the VA receives the C&P report (usually shows when the receive it on ebenefits) then request a copy directly from VA.

I would then compare what they have on the C&P results with the results of your private cardiologist. If they have the same information on both - I personally would not submit them. If there is pertinent information on the private cardiollogist report that is missing from the C&P report that is in your favor OR the private cardiologist somehow has shown a nexus to your service connection that the C&P doctor did not (if it is needed ) OR the private doctors report would possibly (according the the rating tables) increase your percentage....then yes I would send the private one in. My reasoning being that when you do send in additional information it could set your claim back in the process. If you were lucky and somehow your C&P was done at a VAMC....then maybe you can take a copy of THAT report and show it to your private cardiologist and see what he thinks.

I hope someone else with more experience will give you their insight. Praying that things work out for you this time around......

Just wanted to add that there is a DBQ form for Ischemic Heart Disease perhaps you could bring with you to your next Private Cardio appt and maybe the Cardiologist would be willing to fill it out for you and send that in to VA - if you do intend to send additional info in. Tried to add the direct link but it is just not working for me - just type in DBQ in the search box on hadit.com and the Forms page will come up

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