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100% P&T, should I stay in Reserves?

VA Disability

I have been granted 100% P&T and was rated this after I joined the Reserves. 

I am happy with my rating and do NOT want to lose it at all cost. The Reserves however gives my family great Tricare health insurance.

I want to keep Tricare by being in the Reserves, BUT absolutely do not want to lose my 100% P&T by just risking it being in the Reserves. The Reserves does PHA’s through LHI and I really don’t want to risk anything at all. 

I am truly 100% P&T by having many many separate conditions but am so paranoid and untrusty of the VA because I know they will take it away at any chance they get. 

Basically I want to stay in Reserves for TRICARE for my family but am very paranoid VA will find a window of opportunity through my Reserve service/PHA and take away everything. 


2 Other questions:

1. Can VA reduce 100% P&T rating if I don’t even see a VA doctor and RARELY see my own primary care doctor?

2. Does the VA have automatic access to things like:

      -Tax returns?

      -Medical records from AFTER military service, when I was seen by private doctors using TRICARE?


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