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I’ve been here for several years, I rarely post but always lurk to see if I can ever offer any help. 5 years ago, I was placed at 80% Schedular and TDIU. Last month I was scheduled for a Comp and Pen re-evaluation, and I had this appointment this past Monday. It Lasted about 40 min. She was kind and understanding. I was still afraid the VA was going to lower my rating even though I’d been terribly ill for five years.

Two days later, my VSO called and said my rating is now Total and Permanent, and my official letter and package would be in the mail on Friday. 2 days for a decision on T&P?!

I’ve never seen the VA move that fast.

My question is: is it worth it to try now to get my rating to 100% Scheduler or just leave it as is, because I am paid at the 100% rate, and it’s now T&P.

I think I should just leave it, stop worrying over this stuff and live my life of Drs, specialists, and hospitals. Because that’s mostly what my life is. I just turned 40 last month, and 10 months ago, SSDI approved my social security disability. So this rating is bittersweet. On the one hand, my family and I are taken care of; on the other….I will never work again.
Thank you for any advice, and I hope this question is in the correct forum.

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Author: Tbird


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