1151 Tort Claim help

I just want to say before watching this video that it is GRAPHIC…. leading up to this i went through a med change, from haldol for Schizophrenia, to Geodon…..this medicine made me hear commanding voices. i was on curfew for a previous VA related case and i ran out of my house for fear of my life……told the police that showed up to my 911 call, and instead of taking me to the VA they took me to jail. the bad med was no longer given to me….but i refused to take meds because it was one that made me homicidal….i slipped and fell into POW mode. i was in hillsborough county jail in tampa. they tried to give me meds and i just got worse and worse….but they never entered my cell just opened the door and tried to give me meds. 


Well i was transferred to Pasco County jail. after taking a regiment of meds….one days worth still really out of it. after getting there im put in a cell till court…about a day…. i was psych so no bond….i was going through some bad stuff mentally but i did not hurt anyone or resists anything i was complying. then they transfer me to Psych/MED they didnt search the cell before putting me in , i found this out after 5 minutes of being in there they needed to do a search and two nice guards young guys said that they didnt and they needed to…..i kindly asked them that i wanted someone wrote up for this because i could have lost my life, killed or injured someone with something in the cell. and spent the rest of my life in there….

guard agreed and went to his LT LT said no, so i said im not letting them in, LT said no again…….they used tear gas on the entire ward… a guard put his hands through the door telling me to break it…i did nothing….when the tear gas came out i just laid on my rack…..someone went to the hospital due to the teargas, and i said i have never seen such a bunch of incompetent irresposible set of people in my life, you just tear gased 20 cells all on MED watch…..they blamed me…… next shift came on, and they told me they were going to shoot me….i was pretty calm in my cell with all the halucinations, and voices i was at peace. then they pulled out the shotgun and i went nuts. you cannot use that within 20 ft or its lethal, and especially at 8 ft. let alone point blank


The other thing is that while i believed i was a POW i was drinking Urine, so my body was shutting down, i could feel it. they said i couldnt get meds or go to the Hospital unless they shot me….so to save my life i went up against them


My question is, since i went into the psychosis for my med change can i claim the injuries from the GSW and the ordeal……


Here is the video    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fA5d0QfQw1M