18-7265 Demetrius L. Smith v. Robert L. Wilkie

VA Law

09/12/2019 Open Document Mot of Appellee to extend time to file appellee brief. Requested date 10/28/2019. (NRE) 09/12/2019    Clerk’s stamp ord granting appellee’s motion to extend time to file appellee’s brief until 10/28/19 (AF) 10/28/2019 Open Document Appellee’s Brief (NRE) 11/12/2019 Open Document Mot of Appellant to extend time to file appellant’s reply brief. Requested date 12/27/2019. (AFO) 11/12/2019    Clerk’s stamp ord granting appellant’s motion to extend time to file appellant’s reply brief until 12/27/2019 (MVL) 12/27/2019 Open Document Appellant’s reply brief (AFO) 01/07/2020 Open Restricted Document Record of Proceedings (NRE) 01/21/2020 Open Document Appellant’s response to the Record of Proceeding (AFO) 01/27/2020    Assigned case to Judge Greenberg (MVL) 05/11/2020 Open Document Memorandum Decision that the Board’s finding that the theory of improper rating reduction procedures constituting CUE was not raised is REVERSED. The remainder of the November 15, 2018, Board decision on appeal is SET ASIDE and the matter is REMANDED for readjudication (GREENBERG) (KEM)



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