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Jan 20, 2015 – 18 Year Anniversary HadIt.com

The site concept of veterans helping veterans with their claims was started by me in the 1993/1994 time frame under various personal websites that came with internet accounts back then. I used those years to reach out to other veterans on the internet and to learned how to create a site and what veterans were looking for and in Jan 1997 I registered HadIt.com and put all my work there.
More and more people are viewing the site through mobile devices tablets and smartphones.
The forum remains the same,  but will look a bit different and have some nice new features for you.
You will notice on the homepage that I have emphasised the search option. After all the years of having the website and forum we have a ton of information on the site and that is why searching is your best bet to find the information you seek.
Below I’ve provided traffic statistics from last year so you can see that you are part of something bigger than yourselves.

2014 Site Statistics



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Pages / Session

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Avg. Session Duration


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