19-1638 Francis J. Sampson, Jr. v. Robert L. Wilkie

VA Law

12/06/2019 Open Document Appellant’s Brief HHH (HHH) 02/03/2020 Open Document Mot of Appellee to extend time to file appellee brief. Requested date 03/20/2020. (SDK) 02/04/2020    Clerk’s stamp ord granting appellee’s motion to extend time to file appellee’s brief until 03/20/2020 (AMN) 02/18/2020 Open Document Appearance of Max Farris for Francis J. Sampson Jr., in case 19-1638 as lead counsel (MF) 03/18/2020 Open Document Appellee’s Brief (AMN) 03/27/2020 Open Document Appellant’s notice stating he will not be submitting a reply brief–[Edited 03/30/2020 by AMN] (MF) 04/07/2020 Open Restricted Document Record of Proceedings (SDK) 04/08/2020 Open Document Appellant’s response to the Record of Proceeding (MF) 04/13/2020    Assigned case to Judge Allen (ARW) 05/08/2020 Open Document Memorandum Decision that the BVA decision is affirmed (ALLEN) (KEM)



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