19-3124 Allen J. Cooper v. Robert L. Wilkie

VA Law

09/04/2019 Open Document Rule 33 Certificate of Service (NLP) 09/18/2019    Conference held (APR) 10/17/2019 Open Document Appellant’s Brief (NLP) 12/16/2019 Open Document Mot of Appellee to extend time to file appellee brief. Requested date 01/30/2020. (JC) 12/16/2019    Clerk’s stamp ord granting appellee’s motion to extend time to file appellee’s brief until 1/30/2020 (RW) 01/30/2020 Open Document Appellee’s Brief 19-3124 (JC) 02/12/2020 Open Document Appellant’s reply brief (NLP) 02/25/2020 Open Restricted Document Record of Proceedings (JC) 03/13/2020    Assigned case to Judge Allen (KEM) 05/08/2020 Open Document Memorandum Decision that the Court AFFIRMS the March 13, 2019, Board decision that denied a rating greater than 50% for appellant’s service-connected dysthymia and TDIU. (ALLEN) (KEM)

Author: WPTangerine


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