19-8634 Monte E. Gaskins, Sr. v. Robert L. Wilkie

VA Law

12/23/2019    (p) RECEIVED: filing fee (TBR) – DOFH filed (GBG) 01/13/2020 Open Restricted Document BVA Decision transmittal (O) 01/13/2020 Open Document Copy of BVA Decision (O) 02/10/2020 Open Document Appearance of Amy M Roth-Pixton for Robert L. Wilkie, in case 19-8634 as lead counsel (AMR) 02/10/2020 Open Document Record Before the Agency notice (O) 02/18/2020 Open Document Mot of Appellee to dismiss case (AMR) 02/18/2020 Open Document Mot of Appellee to stay proceedings (AMR) 02/18/2020 Open Document Clerk’s stamp ord granting appellee’s motion to stay proceedings pending ruling on appellee’s motion to dismiss (RW) 03/20/2020 Open Document ORDERED that the appellant show cause, within 20 days after the date of this order, why this appeal should not be dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. Proceedings on this appeal are stayed until further order of the Court.(CMB) (RW) 04/29/2020 Open Document ORDERED that the Secretary’s motion is granted and this appeal is DISMISSED for lack of jurisdiction (GREENBERG) (KEM)



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