Vietnam War Marine Veteran John Ligato: Surviving the Mob and Hue City

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Vietnam War: In 1954, the United States became actively involved in the war. John Ligato followed suit and joined the Marine Corps to serve his country after receiving a draft notice in 1966.

Ligato breaks down his experience during the Battle of Hue City from an operational view. He discusses what he calls the three missing days in Marine Corps history due to the nature of the battle and how he pushed for 13 years to get the medals that his team rightfully deserved. He was awarded three Purple Hearts for his service in Vietnam, in addition to other valor awards.

After being wounded, Ligato transitioned to civilian life and went to school, earning Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Ligato discusses working for The ARC of the United States (ARC), which helps severely handicapped children and adults, and then joining the FBI. There, he got involved in undercover work, spending eight years working in various locations in the 70s-90s. He also talks about working as a pilot with the FBI and spending much of his latter career in diplomatic training missions in various locations around the world. His efforts and time working with the FBI resulted in him receiving the Director’s Award and Attorney General’s Award for investigative excellence.

In this episode, Ligato talks:

  • Becoming an adjunct college professor and teaching counter-terrorism and international security at Campbell University.
  • Writing several books and providing advice to aspiring professional authors.
  • Appearing in several movies.
  • How Veterans can become involved in Veteran Service Organizations, such as Hope for the Warriors and Semper Fi Fund.

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