30 Days

So I finally got my letter today, June 25th.  States I have 30 days from date on letter which is June 8th, to request a hearing.  Sounds like July 7th is the drop dead date.  I already got a copy from my CVSO, but what if I did not know that there was one coming, i.e., if I didn’t have eBennies, etc…

This is about a tax issue on my Separation Pay.  The VA recouped in 2011, but now they asked DFAS (because I got 100%) and DFAS told the VA I owe $1951.00 more, and they want to recoup that amount now.

The confusion comes that, before 1996, they are to recoup 75% of the total amount (25% for Federal tax, estimated), and then after 1996 they are to recoup the NET from your LES (pay stub).

Mine was paid in 2008, and they recouped the NET.

If you take the total amount paid times 75% and subtract what the VA already recouped in 2011, you get exactly $1951.00, which is what DFAS say I owe now.

Absolutely no one can read,


I have already submitted the 3 regulations that state this to my claim, but they haven’t been reviewed yet.  Looks like I will be taking a ride to Milwaukee for a hearing.  Jesus Christ.