A four-star case of failure at Manchester VA – The Boston Globe

Dr. William “Ed” Kois outside his home in Newburyport, Mass. Kois believes many of his patients at the VA Hospital in Manchester, N.H., have received substandard care that has left many of them disabled.
Keith Bedford/Globe Staff

MANCHESTER, N.H. — This is what the US Department of Veterans Affairs says a four-star hospital looks like:One operating room has been abandoned since last October because exterminators couldn’t get rid of the flies. Doctors had to cancel surgeries in another OR last month after they discovered what appeared to be rust or blood on two sets of surgical instruments that were supposedly sterile.

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“Late last year, in fact, the veterans affairs department raised Manchester’s quality rating from three stars to four, putting it in the top third of the entire VA system.” Seriously, it says it right there in black and white. I wish I was shocked and appalled but this is not new, over the decades of being in the system I’ve seen it before. From improper sterilization to mold in the air ducts, they always say they learned their lesson and they’ve implemented new procedures. Perhaps when they implement new procedures they should share with the rest of the hospitals so this can avoided because these are not new problems, they’ve happened elsewhere.Why does this continue to happen? Carelessness, complacency, incompetence? I don’t know but it’s happened repeatedly and if it repeats certainly patterns must be able to be identified and solutions implemented.

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