A&A for veterans non veteran spouse!!!

I wanted to know if 100%P&T Veterans (still living) and their totally disable non-veteran spouse that need help from another person for everyday living activities eligible for the A&A ?

Well I found out today and the other day visiting with a DAV/NVSO 

And hadit member Brokensolider 244th   the answer is NO.

Its for the surviving spouse of 100%  P&T  Veterans that served in a war zone. and age 65 or older.

For the last year we been beating our heads  on the wall  on this  and trying to figure out if my spouse was eligible or not. The eligibility would be for her to get it  if I was decease  (dead as a door knob) and she met the criteria.

The eligibility for her states she needs to be totally disabled & NEED HELP FROM ANOTHER PERSON FOR DAILY LIVING ACTIVITES  &  I was 100%P&T SERVED IN  A WAR ZONE…AND DEAD.  


”A pension is a benefit that the VA pays to wartime veterans who have limited or no income and who are at least 65 years old or, if under 65, are permanently or completely disabled”. There are also “Death Pensions,” 

Veterans, spouses of veterans or surviving spouses can be eligible for Aid and Attendance benefits if they meet the following disability requirements:

https://discover.pbcgov.org/communityservices/humanservices/Documents/What Are Aid and Attendance Benefits (002).pdf

So this knocks us out.