Access to Health Care: Record-breaking waits at VA

VA News

JACKSON –Since Dr. Melissa Bacon began working at the VA’s women’s clinic in Jackson last month, she has spent most of her time on the phone, checking in with patients on the clinic’s long waiting list.

  Last Monday, she followed up with a veteran who had called in April with heavy menstrual bleeding. Three months later, the office still hadn’t scheduled the patient for an appointment.

  For almost a year, the women’s clinic at the G.V. “Sonny” Montgomery VA Medical Center ran without a full-time gynecologist. And as the months ticked by, the clinic’s waiting list grew,…

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The wait continues for veterans in Mississippi. Part of the problem is recruiting doctors to the state. Veterans need the Montgomery VA Medical Center, however if they can’t get seen they have few choices but to see non-VA doctors or remain sick and hope they get better. Neither an appealing option. The more veterans that leave the system, the more unlikely it is that the hospital will continue to be able to operate as intended. The veterans are put into a no-win situation. 



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