AFib secondary to Sinus infection?

I’m 100% disabled (P&T). Of my disabilities, I’m 10% for Allergic Rhinitis and 10% for Maxillary Sinunitis. Last year I developed a sinus infection that morph’d into pneumonia. I was given an antibiotic for the sinus infection and pneumonia,  but had a bad reaction to it. It killed all the good bacteria in my gut, caused an overgrowth of bad bacteria, and also put my heart into AFib. I’m on meds to keep my heart in normal rhythm as well as for preventing blood clots (which can happen in AFib as the blood is not circuating properly). It took almost 10 months to get my gut back to normal, and although my heart is in rhythm for the most part, I do have periodic episodes where it goes into AFib.  My question is: With my history of sinus infections (I usually get 1-2 per year, should I file for my heart condition as secondary to my sinuses, being that the sinus condition that caused me to be prescribed the antibiotic that eventually caused the chain of events that lead to the AFib? I know I am 100%, but I am thinking for my wife and DIC if I pass away from a heart issue that was brough along by my AFib? Thanks for the help.