Another round of claims and I have questions

VA Disability

This will be round 6, so here goes. 1. In Sept 2016 I was service connected for left ankle tendonitis (secondary to right ft plantar fasciitis) at 0%. I think this should be 10% (pain and brace) with what I see from the examiner etc. Would this be a NOD or a increase? Just watched a clip from a Veteran law firm stating the NOD is the way to go, as I don’t have new evidence. 2. In Sept 2016, I was denied an increase for my right foot plantar fasciitis which I except, but the rater asked and the examiner opined that I have arthritis in my right ankle secondary to my plantar fasciitis. The rater even asks the examiner if they are rated seperately and she states opines, yes. But no mention in my letter, and I obviously



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