Should I attempt 100% TDIU or 100% Service-Connected?

VA Disability

Hi all,
I just saw an update so fast on my VA claim for unemployable and increase from 70% service connected to either 100% or IU.
First thing, is that my status went from “Under Review” to preparation for decision.
Second thing, I used to have a C&P exam requested for 2018, and now when I check eBenefits, there are no C&P requests on the list at all.
Thirdly, they are also seeking a copy of my service treatment records. Why would they want these since I have already been deemed service-connected at my last C&P in 2014
Does this mean anything at the moment? During the preparation for decision phase, has the VA reviewed my files and determined at this point that I do not need a C&P, because I’m unsure why my 2018 C&P request is gone and I’ve moved to Preparation for Decision so quickly.

Author: WPTangerine


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