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I have had back issue since 1981. Last week Thursday 13 Sept I re-injured my back and had terrible back pain. I finally called the VA Hospital Monday morning to get an appointment with my Primary care doctor and was told I cannot just call and get an appointment anytime I wanted one. I said what do you expect me to do, they said I would receive a call from the health nurse within two hours. I received a call and the nurse asked me some questions and then said I recommend you go to the Emergency room. I said what for this is not an emergency I just need to get a pain shot she said to me well my computer program says you should go to the nearest ER. I said you mean to tell me that you don’t know what I need to do that you use some generic computer program to ask the questions and made a decision? She answered again yes the computer says you need to go to the emergency room. I said well this is not an emergency and I would like an appointment with my PC doctor. I was told the PC nurse would call me in 2 hours, 4 hours later I called again and this time they told me I was told I would get a call within 72 hours… what the hell I said, what good does that do anyone….. On Tuesday morning I decided to make a trip to the ER. So I arrived at the ER at 6:45 AM. I was placed in a treatment room until 7:30 when a female doctor came in asked me a few questions and then said we will be giving you too shot, I said I know just like you always do when I have this problem. Funny thing is this Doctor never examined me and was in and out in less than 2 minutes, 15 minutes later the nurse came in I dropped my drawers and she gave me the two shots. I was feeling better in a matter of minutes. This is how you get treated by the Teague VA Medical Center in Temple Texas. I am still waiting for that phone call. What really makes me mad is why can’t a veteran call and get an appointment? Why must the doctor be the one to say when they can schedule you an appointment. Its not very often that I call for an issue. In fact its been 23 years since I had been to any emergency room. And this is the treatment Trump said he fixed my ass he hasn’t done anything for veterans….


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