Best Military, Veteran, discounts

Best military/Veteran discounts

I picked “some” of the discounts, here:

Apple, Lowes, Home Depot, HP, TMobile, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, American Airlines, Marriot, hundreds more.  Resteraunts, phones, cars, airlines, and more.  

If you are not “asking” about these, when you visit these places, dont complain to me you are broke!  

   Recently, I upgraded my computer to IMAC, and Apple gave me 250 dollars off.   This was from Apple, but it was at my base exchange so I also did not have to pay sales tax.  

I recommend “asking” for your military/Veteran discount.  It puts pressure on them to offer it, even if they dont currently!  

CAUTION:   Beware of scams!   As an example AT and T offers a “discount” for military, but its a “fake discount” because you can get PREPAID ATT at a much lower price WITHOUT the military discount.  You cant get the military discount on prepaid AT and T, only the much more expensive post paid.  Many other companies do that, Home Depot gives 10 percent but only if the item is not on sale or already discounted.  That is why I shop at Lowes, they give 10 percent on everything, including appliances on sale.