Better to report medical conditions while still in military!

VA Disability

I just wanted to let active military personal know that its a lot better to have any and all medical conditions reported or Documented while your still in the military.

Do not Put off going to the Docs while your still in the military, a lot of us older Nam Vets  put off going to the dispensary or sick call for aches and pains  for  (proud reasons or that it was just something we chalk up not to seek medical help .


…for compensation claims purposes later on down the road after your out  if you had any of your conditions documented while in military no matter what it is..   it makes it a lot easier  for service connection to be established.  if you ever come down with something that you had while in the military or it gets a lot worse

so while your still active in military  if you have any medical condition that you get while serving  go see the Dr’s   you maybe glad you did in the future and it sure could help your life for the better.


My 24 year old grandson gets tired of me preaching this to him .”.as he says ok grandpa I will”, he is a combat medic station in Z Africa under special operations for his deployment to?? he don’t know  he sent us a Christmas video and he look so tired out and bored. he said he was in weapons trainning at the moment…and is locked and loaded when the time comes.




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