Bilateral Pes Planus with Plantar Fasciitis at 50%?

 Hello all,

So  got home from being away for five days and discover that a decision was made on my supplemental claim for pes planus.  I am waiting on the BBE, but currently E-Benefits currently has the following;

bilateral pes planus with plantar fasciitis    50% 

My supplemental claim was for bilateral pes planus, which after my QTC exam I was certain I would be rated at the pronounced bilateral rating of 50% due to my conversation with the examiner and her comments as she examined my feet.  I currently have an intent to file which was going to cover issues secondary to my bilateral pes planus once the pes planus was service-connected, which would have been arthritis in both big toes, plantar fasciitis, arthritis in both knees, ITB Syndrome, and patellar tendinosis.

Am I being shortchanged by them combining the pes planus with plantar fasciitis as E-Benefits currently has it listed?  My initial pes planus diagnosis dates back to 2017 and my bilateral plantar fasciitis diagnosis was just made at the beginning of this year which to me makes it secondary to the bilateral pes planus and thus deserving of its own rating.  And while I know you don’t get a bilateral factor added when you get a flat bilateral rating for pes planus, I was certain you get the bilateral rating when you are rated for both bilateral pes planus AND bilateral plantar fasciitis.  Just seems fishy to me that they added the “with plantar fasciitis” to what appears to be the rating for pronounced bilateral flat feet at 50%.