PTSD Stressors

My Anxiety? Like Sitting Naked on the Freeway.

It's a metaphor I used to help my docs understand my anxiety. Sometimes you have ...

Request A Copy of Your VA C-File: VA Claims Folder

Requesting a copy of your VA Claims Folder C-File. ...
Search HadIt.com

Search VA Disability Claim Information

Search HadIt.com for VA disability claim information. Read the included post to help you learn ...

Links to Common VA Disability Claim Search Terms

"Retroactive Pay" OR “back pay” OR “retro pay” “Fort McClellan” “future exams” Tinnitus "Convalescent Ratings" ...

FY 2021 VBA Annual Report: Service-Connected Disability Compensation

The VA service-connected disability compensation section of the VBA annual report provides data on disabilities ...

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