Hi fellow veterans. First time posting but have read board for several years. I wanted to see if anyone has encountered my situation. 

In Feb 2019 I filled initial claim for all service connected PTSD, Back, right and left lower extremity numbness, Sleep Apnea and tinnitus. I had C&P exams in July 2019 and was awarded 70% PTSD, 50% Sleep Apnea and 10% tinnitus for 90%total rating. I was denied on back and lower extremities which was mind blowing sense I had surgery at 30 and have since then had major issues with it. 

I filed HLR in July 2020 and in Dec they found errors so duty to assist on back and lower extremities. I must mention my back C&P in July 2019 was awful. She was a PA and literally had me out in 10 minutes. So this month I had second C&P for back and it was thorough and much longer. Got rating decision yesterday showing 100%. Looked on benefits and effective date for back and lower extremities was date of c&p this month. Went to attorney today and they printed out letter and this is were it gets strange. So the gave me 40% on back with Jan 2021 ED and said I was 10% ED at my initial filing. Gave me 20, 20 and 10 on lower extremities but 20 and 20 was this month ED and they were 10 and 10 and 0 with Feb 2019 ED. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? It seems insane to me????