Last year, Covid forced me to stay home, so that means its off to see family and grandchildren in Texas, Arizona, Iowa, and Georgia, Ohio and Colorado this year.  

I just got back from Georgia, seeing my 9month old grandaughter.  Im thinking of putting her picture up for me, she is much better looking than I am.  She is my 9th grandchild, 10th if you count another gal who had a baby from our church who calls me “grandpa”.  Maybe I will even start a post “cutest grandchild” and we can vote who has the cutest grandchildren.  But it would hardly be fair because I have the cutest.   

This means I wont be here much this summer, and even into fall.  

Many of you will need to step up and answer questions.  If hadit has helped you, step up and help others.  Try and research your answers with case law and regulations as much as possible to make them as accurate as possible.  

Other posters can do a search and look for previous answers, especially those who are posted by Berta.  I will be back when I can,but dont expect a lot the next several months.