Buddy Letter

Hi all,

Without getting too deep into things as it will likely detract from my question, I’m a 40% SC Vet and currently seeking review of my SC Bilat Pes planus and Lumbar Spine issues and have filed a new claim for PTSD. I’ve reached out to a buddy regarding the PTSD claim, seeking a buddy letter. Now, this guy is the only guy I could find that I served with over 20 years ago and he’s a little paranoid. He’s really not comfortable with listing his address, phone number, or email address on anything “the government” is going to get. Now I’m not even sure it’s worth it or if it will have any probative value if he doesn’t provide supply his contact info.

Any thoughts? I mean, does the VA even follow up on these letters? Should I include it because it won’t hurt or is it just a waste?


Thanks in advance!


J Savage