BVA Awaiting Place on the Docket

VA Disability

Has anyone ever seen this on their station ebenefits and if so how long before bva made a decision on claim. Sure would be nice to hear something. Got so much work to be done around my house. But it seems every time we get a dime someone comes along and takes 15 cents. Toilets have been over flowing called the plumber and it was the septic. Jus had it pumped in feb. so now have to put new drain lines in. Things have went up so high. Had those replaced 13 yrs ago, cost only 1200. can you believe this time the cost is going to run 4500 to 5000. Course carpets are going to have to be replaced too. But we can on.ly do one at a time. Just wish va was not so dam slow. And I can’t even run shampooed had knee replacement a month ago. Lastime rented a big one from lowes and messed up my back. I’m not putting in carpet again. That is what hubby wants. I’m going with vinyl plank.

Author: WPTangerine


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