BVA Grant Wait time….

VA Disability

March 2010 claims filed 

2011 NOD 

Jan 8, 2019 BVA Judge

June 10 – 4 grants, 3 remands, 3 denials 

This whole wait is because the Atlanta RO couldn’t determine whether my husband, a SSG in 1st RGR BN ever served in combat for service connection. Baffles me to this day. Nonetheless, almost a decade into this I am finding that the retro for the grants will take at least another year or more. I am curious as to anyone who can shed some light on their experience and or timeline. 
We do not have a lawyer. The American Legion is who represented him. We were told law offices slow you down in the process by many veterans. The American Legion has sent his denials to a law firm that has contacted to help with that part of the BVA decision. We have contacted them to see if they have any insight to a timeline on the grant decisions and they said no. All leads resort back to the general Atlanta RO and they are never helpful. 
Thank you for taking your time to read this. 

Author: Tbird


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