BVA search feature = a great tool

I no longer have much time to find and add the many links I have posted here over the years, on multiple issues ,and the BVA web site is a great tool, to find similar claims, and other info-

I have learned a LOT from the BVA awards as well as their denials by reading BVA cases for decades:

“To conduct a search of BVA’s decisions, enter the word or group of words you are looking for in the fields below. From the resulting list, you can connect directly to individual decision texts or you can return to this page to conduct additional searches.

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You might find a claim exactly like your, at first glance, and an award for the same thing they denied you for- but every claims has nuances and we dont always know  the details of what evidence the veteran had , for BVA to make the award.
So you cannot use  any BVA case as evidence.But they all include many reulations and even Precedent CAVC citations, that are another valuable part of evidence to bolster many claims.