BVA sent remand back to regional VA, they failed to follow the judges directions

VA Disability

I read the excellent and help and advice given, but am basically just waiting fore the BVA judge. I did include more evidence before the deadline, it was support through a form from a dental surgeon that agreed the teeth were destroyed by intestinal disease. I did not file a claim because they denied my claim for the intestinal disease in 1997. But I included the form from my records, although I had given the VA copies of those dental surgery records in 1997. The regional office kept saying there was no evidence of intestinal disease even though I was treated for chemical injuries and gastritis on active duty. So, even though it was in my VA medical records I added it to my claim when the remand was sent back to the BVA judge and they said include any additional evidence before that date. So my POA took my long letter I wrote and included the additional evidence, to the BVA judge, that did my BVA hearing and remand.. This was March 2017. Of course I have more evidence, that no one reads. They expect me to read boxes of medical documents and outline info for questions they only ask to try to trip me up.
The VA regional office actually asked why it took me so long to file. I said I never delayed, I begged for help the whole time, and was denied care. My primary care doctor at the VA was well aware of what I needed, but he was of no help. I asked and begged and most office and clinics told me to get out and I didn’t QUALIFY FOR MEDICAL HELP. It pisses me OFF when the claims office asks why I delayed my claims, when they refused me every step of the way. And every time I went to file a claim there was a 6 month wait to talk to someone, or that POA disappeared and would have to a start over with a new one that had no clue. I read these forums and really take the excellent advice and try to ask my POA, but I am at a stage in the process that I can still submit evidence. But,, I can never find the proper doctor to write a new IMO for my type of injuries. Short of a New IMO to add, I am still happy with the BVA judge hearing I had. of course I can’t read minds. My wife asked if the same judge makes the decision that help the BVA hearing. I don’t know, I don’t remember if anyone ever said the same judge makes the decision. That would be nice, but realistically, I don’t see how, people move and change when years tick by.
Again, Thank all of you guys, and when I hear something, I will let you guys know!



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