Can anyone please share their experiance on getting rated for GERD/IBS? (main symptoms which warranted your rating and what rating..)

  I recently put in a claim for service connection with GERD and IBS. My main symptoms are as follows: constant stomach pain, weight lost (20 pounds in 1 year, mostly muscle), hurts and or feels uncomfortable to eat, take tums daily, use the restroom periodically through out the day (2-4 times daily), acid reflux (2-4 times weekly), heartburn (1-2 times a week), and yes i feel like it effects my day to day activities quite severely.

  My rating has not been determined yet, but did see the C&P examiner. Everything went pretty well and she seemed very caring and charismatic (I have ran into C&P examiners that just want you be done and out and care very little about you) which hopefully means good for my claim. Will update with rating.