Can the VA claims handlers throw out a C&P report when they are shown it is so false as to possibly be fraudulent?

The worthless clown that did my C&P 5 years ago correctly pointed out that I had only two jobs while in, and they covered 30 months of service- both quite toxic. I was only on active for 33 months. Then this creep stated that I never had exposure before an unflattering psych eval performed 9 months in, therefor I was F’d up before service and the psych eval proved it.  Actually, the psych eval is a strength in my case- all the noted symptoms are recognized symptoms of the type of exposure I had and it occurred 3 weeks after transfer into the most seriously toxic job.

I have documented this to the Senior VSR trying to schedule exams (I am out of country) and asked him to trash the former C&P or mark on it in such a way that no other lazy doc can accept it as factually correct.

Can a VSR rep make that decision?