Can we trust the VA? At the Togus VA Medical experts from the VA blamed one botched surgery after another on a lone podiatrist.

VA News

So here we are again talking about a Dr who harmed veterans repeatedly before anything was done. VA did not report him national database that tracks problem doctors. They did let him retire, quietly ignoring the problems allowing him to move onto a private practice, then they failed for years to disclose to state regulators and patients who were harmed by him.


In 88 cases, the VA concluded, Franchini made mistakes that harmed veterans at the Togus hospital in Maine. The findings reached the highest levels of the agency.

“We found that he was a dangerous surgeon,” former hospital surgery chief Robert Sampson said during a deposition in an ongoing federal lawsuit against the VA.

Agency officials didn’t fire Franchini or report him to a national database that tracks problem doctors.



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