5 Ways to establish service connection in VA disability compensation claims

Republished from Hill and Ponton July 19, 2019  in VA Claim Tips, Veterans  by Sarah Overcashier In order to receive compensation from the VA, a veteran’s disability must be service-connected. There are five ways to establish service connection: Direct Service Connection Service Connection through Aggravation Presumptive Service Connection Secondary Service Connection Service Connection by Injury Caused by VA Health Care […]

Special Monthly Compensation

VA should automatically give you Special Monthly Compensation if you qualify for it. You do not have to apply. If, however, you believe you qualify for SMC but are not receiving it, you can call your VA regional office or contact an attorney. Special Monthly Compensation Explained | CCK Law SPECIAL MONTHLY COMPENSATION EXPLAINED FRIDAY […]

Individual Unemployability

Source: TDIU or Individual Unemployability Source: Helpdesk.AskVetsFirst.org VA benefits are available to compensate a veteran at the 100% level if he or she is not able to work because of service-connected conditions even without a 100% schedular rating. This benefit is called “total disability on the basis of individual unemployability”, (“TDIU”), or sometimes “individual unemployability, ” […]

10 Points of Perspective on Your VA Compensation and Pension Exam

This is the first in a 3 part series from the VeteransLawBlog.org from Chris Attig 10 Tips to Help You Keep the C&P Exam in Perspective (Part 1 of 3) I used to love flying in helicopters…twisting and turning at nap-of-earth level (right above the treetops, basically), the pulsing rhythm of the chopper blades…it always got my […]

Tinnitus – it’s a brain malady…

Neuroscientists believe they have discovered your dysfunction. Or, more accurately, your neural mechanisms dysfunction. They “gate” noise controlling the noise and pain signals. You see. there are “circuit breakers” that should work, but are not. After an injury tinnitus can occur and sufferers experience phantom sounds. Veterans are exposed to some very loud noises and […]

Most Prevalent Service Connected Disabilities FY 2016

[no_toc][one-half-first] Trending VA Disability Claims Topics Tinnitus | Hearing Loss PTSD Retroactive Pay ETS Notice of Disagreement (NOD) Major Depression Migraines FDC Fully Developed Claim Veterans Evaluation Services Degenerative Disc Disease E-Benefits Preparation Decision Approval Preparation for Notification Sleep Apnea Erectile Dysfunction Hypertension High Blood Pressure [/one-half-first][one-half] The most common VA disabilities: Tinnitus Hearing loss Post-traumatic stress […]