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Greetings I’m looking for a neurologist that can give me a second opinion letter for migraines in Orange County.  How do can I find one that has experience in va claims?  Any help would be appreciated. thank you

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Higher level review

I had a higher level review, and new C&P yesterday, and went to ebenefits this morning, and disabilities and payment history, and letters unavailable this morning. Is that a good or bad thing or is the site just down

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Possible “VA” vet scam?

Minutes ago I got a call from VA Healthcare System , on the caller ID. I had called the Bath NY VA this AM but the person I needed wasn't there------the weekend crew could not help me. The Bath VAMC #  is 607-664 4000- but all I could see was...

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Hypertention and PTSD

I filed a claim for an increase for my knee and shoulder as well as hypertension (high Blood Pressure) and PTSD. PTSD was granted and Hypertension denied because they said I didn't have it in service, from what I have been reading Hypertension can...

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Back Pain

I have had back issue since 1981. Last week Thursday 13 Sept I re-injured my back and had terrible back pain. I finally called the VA Hospital Monday morning to get an appointment with my Primary care doctor and was told I cannot just call and get...

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So here is my story - opted into RAMP on May 16 - on 08/01 went to pending decision approval - On 08/09 went to pending decision. Approval. Nothing out of the ordinary. So I get back from vacation in late aug and had a letter from the VA and a...

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