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rate increase

I had a SC TKR 13 months ago. My ortho has told me to work on my straightning for at least 6 more months. At last appointment it was 10 to 15 degrees from straight. Knee is now rated AT 30%. Should I request an increase and also request the 100% ON...

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Newbie question for denied claim

April 2017 I filed my intent to file and then I did the actual claim a few months later. I sent in about 20 pages from my medical record to support the claims and they were all denied as not being service connected. I was never seen by a VA doc for...

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Question regarding Dr visits

Currently I receive 30% disability for Exercised Induced Asthma. For the past several years I’ve been seeing the VA doctor once a year which they continue making me appointment year after year. I’ve been told by many disabled veterans...

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