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I just found this report done by the CAVC. According to the report, Veterans filed 4095 appeals in FY 2017 (apparently 2018 is not done yet).
Of the 4095 appeals 12% of those were “Pro Se”. That means that attorneys filed about 3603 appeals.
Of this 3603 appeals, EAJA fees apparently paid at least some fees for 2896 of these. My math says that attorneys won “at least a remand”
80.3% of the time. A remand does not guarantee any additional money for the VEt, but he did get his fees paid and it goes back to the Board. If the board denies (the remanded issues), the Veteran can again appeal that denial to the CAVC.
Bottom line: If you get a BVA denial, better than 80 percent of the time an attorney can find errors in the decision which “may” result in additional benefits to you. If you get a board denial I suggest your odds are great in hiring an attorney, and you have almost nothing to lose since eaja will likely pay your fees, OR, there wont be any fees if the attorney loses your case.
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