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VA Disability

I was recently awarded 100% P&T, retro back to 2010.
The packet/award letter was very vague as to what additional benefits I am enttitled to now except to say Chapter 35 benefits.
My questions are is it Champa, or Tricare that I am eligible for for me, my wife and two daughters?
Someone said that the Champa/Tricare would reimburse me for medical costs I have incurred going back to 2010….is this true? Because I have used a HSA with a family deductible over the years that is 5k…We pay out of pocket each year before anything is covered.
How do I apply for Champa/Tricare?
What other benefits am I entitled to and how do I apply for them.
Its just a little overwhelming after fighting the VA for years and years they just threw their hands up and said yep….you are now P&T 100%, but now I don’t know where to start from this point and I am too embarrassed to just walk into a VFW hall to ask for help.


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