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VA Disability

I am currenty represented by the VFW, and was quite happy with them since I started this journey in 2008.
My buddy is represented by the American Legion and he is quite happy with them.
Now, what differs is, he has and is in contact with his rep from the American Legion and I have never heard peep one from my rep or have seen any correspondence either.  I am life members of both org, not that it matters, or should.
Anyway, when I got my last claim(s) back, I did not get a warm and fuzzy feeling that there had been any effort to exploit what the C&P examiner had wrote in the exam.  Even though the rater had asked the examiner to opine on the arthritis (x-ray) right ankle and the examiner did say it was from my plantar fasiitis and that it was from my service, there was no mention in my rating.  I understand that I did not claim the right ankle arthritis, but if they were not going to consider it, then why did the rater ask (reffered twice) the examiner to opine about it, and that she did and in the affirmative.
Also, I did claim left ankle pain secondary and was given a service connection secondary to my right foot for left ankle achilles tendon at 0%.  I wear (prescribed) a brace on my left ankle for stability.  Anyway, I do not see how that is not a 10% just because of pain?
I’m not in a hurry, but I am going to appeal the 0% on the left ankle for pain and do a new claim for the arthritis in my right ankle.
Back to my main question, would I be better to switch to the American Legion or go solo from now on.  Not sure I’m smart enough for that.
And what access do you get by going it alone that is different than when you are being represented by a organization.
Specifics would be nice to know.
Stay warm, spring is coming,

Author: WPTangerine


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