Clemons v Shinseki is way more than just mental health disorders

Clemons v Shinseki is way more than just a mental health disorders:   Left Foot Disability.  Tuberculosis.  Low Back Disability.  Neurological Disorder. Gerd.  Dental Disability.  Right Knee Disorder.  Respiratory Disability.  Fibromyalgia.  Migraine Headaches.
Here are just a few different cases that uses Clemons V Shinseki to either remand or grant
veterans disability claim. In most cases the BVA has re-characterized and broadened the veteran’s
claim to fit Clemons V. Shinseki, 23 Vet. 1 (2009). Depending on how and what the veteran filed
his/her claim and the evidence in his/her claims folder, a veteran can request an EED
if and I say if they can prove by medical evidence of symptoms that they filed, and
the VA denied. Keep in mind that veteran would also have to prove by one of the other regulations
like 38 CFR 3.156 or 3.303 or another one. Just working on my own and finding it remarkably
interesting what a veteran can claim under Clemons V. Shinseki.