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Video Blog – Common Mistakes – Don’t Sit Back During Your Appeal

Today, we want to kind of take the last two, the appealing both at the regional office and then also to the BVA and talk about what your job is. Once you’ve appealed, you’re going to have a couple years on either one to do, but you need to not just sit back and just say, “Oh, it’s in the appeal process, it’s going.” What should people be doing?

Appeals and Claims are different

Claims defined
You submit a claim when seeking VA disability benefits (or increased benefits) for one or more medical conditions you believe are related to military service.  These claims can be filed online through eBenefits, submitted by mail or in person at the nearest VA regional office.  The claim submission, the military service and health care records and any other evidence associated with the claim are reviewed in order to provide you a rating determination.
The Appeals Process
The multi-stage appellate process is available to you after you have already received one or more decisions on your claim, but disagree with some aspect of VA’s decision.  During the appellate process, an appeal undergoes additional independent reviews, often multiple times and by different adjudicators, as you or your representative submit new evidence and/or a new argument. Nearly 74 percent of appeals are from Veterans who are already receiving VA disability compensation, but are seeking either a higher level of compensation or payment from an earlier effective date. Continue Reading

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