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It seems there are more reasons for the VA Disability Claims Backlog than *Carter has pills, as my mother used to say.

Here is the latest why and yes, it will piss you off.

As the pandemic continues to delay disability claims for veterans, members of Congress are investigating whether third-party records companies are profiting from the VA Disability Claims Backlog. The National Archives and Records Administration has been trying to speed up records requests to help vets get access to essential services like health care and housing, but so far, they haven’t been successful.

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform is investigating reports that some companies are charging veterans for retrieving government records they are entitled to receive for free. The committee is concerned that this practice may take advantage of veterans who need records to obtain benefits and may prevent the National Personnel Records Center from fulfilling emergency requests in a timely manner.

The letters also point out that the backlog of requests for the form used to obtain veterans’ benefits, known as the DD Form 214, or DD214.2, comes at a cost even though veterans are entitled to receive these forms for free:

  • DD214 Direct charges between $79 and $99
  • Aardvark Research Group charges between $89 and $99
  • Angels Research charges $95

The Department of Veterans has previously warned people to be wary of companies claiming to sell veterans access to their own records.

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